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In order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of Liaoning Normal University, create an academic atmosphere and increase academic influence, the International Education College launched the "International Chinese Education and Communication Masters Forum", a series of activities for the 70th-anniversary celebration. Professor Zhao Yang from Peking University and Professor Yinghui Wu from Beijing Language and Culture University were invited to give our school on April 28, 2021, the topic of "Transfer Issues in Trilingual/Multilingual Acquisition" and "International Chinese Education Discipline Theoretical System and Knowledge System" Construction" report. Numerous teachers and students from the School of International Education and the School of Letters attended the lecture. The report was presided over by Xu Xiaoyi, Deputy Dean of the School of International Education.




Professor Zhao Yang mentioned in the report that the academic circles traditionally refer to the languages learned after one language as "second languages", and believes that learning these languages follow the same rules. In recent years, as the study of trilingual acquisition has become a hot spot, the variable "interlanguage influence" has been added to the study of the acquisition, and it has been found that the second language has an influence on trilingual acquisition. Professor Zhao Yang also redefines “the second language” in the report, and creatively interpreted and interpreted the issues of “one-language transfer”, “interlanguage transfer”, “transfer resolution”, and “study on trilingual and multilingual acquisition”. The in-depth explanation has broadened the research horizon of teachers and students in our college.




Professor Wu Yinghui's report is based on the construction of the international Chinese education system and discusses the construction of the theoretical system and knowledge system of the international Chinese education subject from the perspectives of necessity, subject positioning, construction ideas, basic principles, and content framework. In terms of the construction of the theoretical system, the content and framework cover the basic theory of the subject, the subject application theory, the regional/country/language Chinese education characteristic theory and the subject cross-integration theory. It also proposes international Chinese education knowledge. The construction of the system should highlight the characteristics, follow the hierarchical construction of undergraduates, masters, and doctoral degrees, and link levels, highlight the main disciplines and fully reflect the cross-discipline integration, and pay attention to universality and pertinence.


The wonderful reports of Professor Zhao Yang and Professor Wu Yinghui won the constant applause of the teachers and students present. In the question and answer session, everyone actively asked questions, and the two professors answered all the questions earnestly, which benefited the teachers and students a lot.


Inherit the fire of wisdom and condense the soul of academics. Lectures at the frontier of science enriched campus culture, expanded academic horizons, inspired a sense of academic mission, increased social influence, and injected academic vigor into our school's 70th-anniversary celebration. Our school will continue to invite famous teachers to participate in the "International Chinese Education and Communication Forum" of the International Education College's 70th Anniversary Series Activities to improve the teaching quality of the International Education College, promote the prosperity and development of Chinese international education, and provide teachers and students with A high-quality platform for well-known scholars and experts to exchange and learn.


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