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Dalian Municipal Government Scholarship


In order to further promote the development of the education of foreign students in Dalian, continue to expand the scale, improve the level, support and encourage more outstanding foreign students and scholars to study in Dalian, the municipal government decided to establish the "Dalian Government Scholarship" (Dalian Government Scholarship, DGS, hereinafter referred to as scholarship). The scholarship is mainly used for the tuition subsidy provided by the Dalian Municipal People's Government to foreign students who come to study in universities in Dalian. The funding targets are outstanding students studying for doctoral, master's, and bachelor's degrees; outstanding students in language or professional advancement; and students who have made special contributions and have achieved excellent results during their continuous study abroad.


Application time

before the end of December each year


Applicant qualifications and application conditions:

1. The applicant must be a foreign citizen, in good health; abide by the laws and regulations of the Chinese government, and abide by the school's rules and regulations; have a correct learning attitude, excellent academic performance, and outstanding overall performance.
2. Chinese language students: graduated from high school or above; the study period is one year (including one year).
3. Bachelor's degree: high school degree or above, generally under 30 years old;
4. Master's degree: have a university degree or above, and the age is generally not more than 35 years old;
5. Special contribution award: high school graduate or above, and the study period is more than one year (including one year).
6. Applicants who have received awards and funding from the Chinese government or other organizations will no longer enjoy the Dalian Municipal Government Scholarship for Foreign Students.

Application materials

1. "Dalian International Student Scholarship Application Form"; two copies, filled in Chinese or English.
2. Notarized highest academic certificate and transcripts, such as school students need to provide proof of enrollment; non-Chinese and English need to attach a notarized Chinese and English translation
3. Submit academic transcripts. Non-Chinese or English versions must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations
4. Applicants for PhD and Master's degrees must provide a study and research plan (not less than 1,000 words) written in Chinese or English.
5. Liaoning Normal University "Dalian Municipal Government Scholarship Application Form".
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