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Opening ceremony of Sino-Russian youth online group project



On March 10, 2021, the opening ceremony of the Sino-Russian Youth Two-way Exchange Online Group Project hosted by the China-Foreign Language Exchange and Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Education and undertaken by Liaoning Normal University was held in our school. Tashrekova Marina Borisovna, Dean of the School of Languages and Foreign Languages and Media, Irkutsk State University, Russia, and Alskaya Yulia Aleksandrovna, Associate Dean, The leadership team, project leader, and teacher representatives of the International Education College of Liaoning Normal University, as well as 174 teachers and students from Russian Irkutsk State University, Tomsk Polytechnic University, St. Petersburg State University and other universities, gathered in the cloud and participated in this Class opening ceremony.




In their speeches, Dean Tashrekova and Deputy Dean of the School of Language, Foreign Languages and Media of Irkutsk State University expressed their support and expectations for this event. The epidemic will not affect the gathering of old friends. After reviewing the fruitful results achieved in the long-term exchanges between the two universities, we invited teachers and students of our school to participate in the academic activities to be hosted by Irkutsk State University, and continue to expand the cooperation between the two sides in the new year.




In her speech, Dean Cao Ru of the School of International Education specifically mentioned the friendly relations between China and Russia and the increasing exchanges and cooperation in various fields. She encouraged the students to take advantage of their youth, study hard, broaden their horizons, and become friendly exchanges between China and Russia in the future. The ambassador of the People’s Republic of China has contributed to the promotion of Sino-Russian friendship and people-to-people bonds.




Associate Professor Huo Oliva, the representative of the team, put forward demands on the students in her speech, hoping that they would not be affected by the epidemic, make full use of good Chinese learning opportunities and make continuous progress. She said: "Chinese is a bridge. You can gain knowledge through this bridge and move towards your longing career and new world. The teachers at Liaoning Normal University are our old friends. They will lead you forward on this bridge. !"




The student representatives Cheng Mingzhu and Anastasia students from Irkutsk State University expressed their gratitude to Liaoning Normal University for providing learning opportunities such as online group projects. The students felt that they were about to start the course. Excited and excited, they will complete each day's learning tasks on time and apply the knowledge they have learned to practice. It is hoped that through this activity, Chinese level can be improved and Chinese culture can be better understood.


Ms. Gao Ning from the International Education Institute spoke as the teacher's representative


Finally, Ms. Gao Ning from the International Education Institute spoke as the teacher's representative. She said that all the teachers feel the sense of responsibility and mission on them, and they have carefully prepared a wealth of teaching content. The teachers are willing to work hard to build the best learning platform for the students.


The group project study lasted for two weeks. The courses used a combination of live broadcast and recorded broadcast. The content covered live courses in Chinese, folk music, new HSK, etc., as well as video courses on Dalian city characteristics and traditional Chinese culture.


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