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International Education Academy Scholarship


In order to reward students with comprehensive development of morality, intelligence and physical fitness or outstanding performance in a certain aspect, our school has specially established the international student scholarship of Liaoning Normal University International Education College. The specific selection rules are as follows:


In order to encourage overseas students to study hard, observe discipline, and be positive, and become a Chinese-language talent who is friendly to China, has expertise in learning and is welcomed by employers in various countries, these rules are hereby formulated.


Conditions for obtaining scholarships:

1. A serious study attitude, pay attention to lectures in class, think actively, complete homework well, and have excellent test scores each semester.

2. Comply with the laws and regulations of the Chinese government and school rules and regulations, attend well, not absent from class, and ask for leave if there is something to do.

3. Respect teachers and obey management. Unite classmates and actively participate in various group activities of the school.


Levels and Standards of Scholarship Evaluation

1. Scholarships are divided into three levels:

RMB 3,000 per person for the first class;

RMB 2,000 per person in the second class;

The third class is 1,000 yuan per person.


2. All types of scholarships will be issued with certificates at the same time.

Article 4 International students who have studied at school for one academic year can participate in the evaluation of scholarships. Undergraduate students can receive up to two scholarships during their four years in school. It is generally assessed once every school year.


Scholarship Evaluation

1. The scholarship evaluation committee is specifically responsible for the scholarship evaluation under the unified leadership of the college.

2. The evaluation procedure is:

A: The class teacher is nominated on the basis of soliciting the opinions of the teacher and the backbone of the students;

B: The jury collectively discusses the preliminary review list;

C: Finally, it is reviewed and approved by the leaders of the court.


Scholarships are generally awarded by the leaders of the college at the completion or graduation ceremony.


The scholarship evaluation committee is responsible for the revision and interpretation of these rules.


Attachment 1: Scholarship Application and Approval Form for International Students

Attachment 2: Specific criteria for each level of scholarship



Grades (average throughout the school year)



Obey the rules





Elementary and middle school: 98 points or

more, high school: 95 points or more

All serious

Complete on


Man Qin

No violation of



Behave well and have prestige

Second class

Elementary and middle school: 95 points or

more, high school: 92 points or more

Missing one or

two times

Less than 10

credit hours

No violation of







Elementary and middle school: 92 points or

more, high school: 88 points or more

Missing less than three times

Less than 15

credit hours

No violation





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