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Postgraduate Program


【Chinese International Education (2 years)】

【Curriculum and Teaching Theory (3 years)】


This major mainly cultivates high-level, applied and compound talents with cross-cultural communication skills, management, organization and coordination of Chinese international promotion projects, and capable of performing a variety of teaching tasks.


Entry requirements:

a. Undergraduate graduation

b. With a score of 195 or more in HSK Level 5, proficient in listening, speaking, reading, and writing;

c. Recommendation letters from two experts above associate professor

Start time early September

Application deadline August 20

Tuition fee: 25000 yuan/year registration fee: 400 yuan Insurance fee: 200 yuan

The main courses are advanced Chinese, contemporary Chinese topics, Chinese linguistics, Chinese as a second language teaching, introduction to second language acquisition, classroom teaching case analysis and practice, Chinese culture and cross-cultural communication, Chinese and foreign language comparison and error analysis, Chinese cultural classics, foreign language education psychology, teaching design and management, etc.


Application materials:

a. Admission application form

b. Copy of passport

c. Bachelor's degree or equivalent graduation certificate.

d. University transcripts

e. Recommendation letters from two experts above associate professor

f. HSK Level 5 certificate with 195 points or more


硕士专业目录  Graduate Majors at LNNU

国际教育学院  College of International Education

课程与教学论  Curriculum and Teaching Methodology

汉语国际教育  Master of Chinese International Education
文学院 School of Chinese Language and Literature

课程与教学论(语文) Curriculum and Teaching Methodology (Chinese Language)

文艺学   Art

语言学及应用语言学 Linguistics and Application of Linguistics

汉语言文字学       Chinese Philology

中国古典文献学     Chinese Classical Philology

中国古代文学       Chinese Classical Literature

中国现当代文学     Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature

比较文学与世界文学 Comparative Literature and World Literature

戏剧               Drama

学科教学(语文)   Subject Teaching (Chinese)
管理学院 School of Management

政治经济学 Political Economics

企业管理 Business Administration

管理科学与工程 Management Science and Engineering Institute,

图书情报与档案管理 Library Information and Archives Management

MPA公共管理   Master of Public Administration
计算机与信息技术学院 School of Computer and Information Technology

教育技术学 Instructional Technology

软件工程 Software Engineering

计算机技术 Computer Technology

计算机科学与技术 Computer Science and Technology
海洋经济可持续发展研究中心 Center for Studies of Marine Economy and Sustainable Development

区域经济学 Regional Economics

产业经济学 Industrial Economics

人文地理学(海洋经济地理) Human Geography (Marine Economic Geography)
外国语学院 School of Foreign Language

英语语言文学 English Language and Literature

英语笔译 English Translation

英语口译 English Interpretation

日语语言文学 Japanese Language and Literature

日语笔译 Japanese Translation

日语口译 Japanese Interpretation

俄语语言文学 Russian Language and Literature

俄语笔译 Russian Translation

俄语口译 Russian Interpretation
影视艺术学院College of Film & TV Art

戏剧与影视学 Drama and film and Television Studi

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