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Liaoning Normal University is a provincial key university located in Dalian, a beautiful coastal city in northern China. It is a key university in Liaoning Province's "Double First-Class" construction "Domestic High-level University" and the Ministry of Education's "Excellent Middle School Teacher Training Program" The implementation school, the chairman unit of the Liaoning Provincial Education Development Alliance, is the basic education teacher training and continuing education base of Liaoning Province, the educational scientific research consulting base, the university teacher training base, and the scientific research base that meets the needs of regional economic construction and social development. Become the largest teacher education center in Liaoning Province that plays a demonstrative and leading role.
As one of the first higher normal colleges established after the birth of New China, the school was founded in September 1951 and was originally established as a professional college for the Master of Tourism. In April 1953, it was renamed Dalian Teachers College. In July 1958, Dalian Teachers College and Dalian Foreign Languages College merged to form Dalian Teachers College. In July 1960, it was renamed Liaoning Normal University. In December 1983, it was renamed Liaoning Normal University.
Over the past 69 years, the school has forged ahead with the motherland, developed with the times, worked hard, and continued to improve itself, and successively trained more than 200,000 qualified talents for the country and society. The school always adheres to the socialist direction of running a school, fully implements the party and the country's education policy, upholds the school motto of "Being a loyal and erudite, being a teacher by others", upholding the philosophy of "people-oriented, quality first", and is cultivating the integration of scientific spirit and humanistic spirit, and strong practical ability. At the same time, they are actively committed to modern teacher education, focusing on the comprehensive and international long-term development of the school, emancipating the mind, seizing opportunities, deepening reforms, continuously gathering development forces, enhancing development motivation, and accumulating a wealth of School-running experience has formed an excellent school-running tradition, the school's school-running strength has been significantly enhanced, and various undertakings have continued, healthy and coordinated development, and are moving towards the goal of building a high-level comprehensive university with distinctive teacher education characteristics.
The school has 1,862 faculty members and 1,189 full-time teachers. There are more than 13,000 general undergraduate students, and more than 5,800 master and doctoral students. There are 10 recipients of special government allowances from the State Council, 2 young scholars from the "Yangtze River Scholars" award program, 1 national-level candidate for the New Century Talent Project, 2 New Century Outstanding Talents from the Ministry of Education, and 1 "double-employed" academician. People; 2 national teaching teams, 1 national teaching teacher, 3 teaching teachers of the National Ten Thousand Talents Program, 1 young top talent of the National Ten Thousand Talents Program, 1 member of the National Education Professional Degree Postgraduate Education Steering Committee, Ministry of Education Foundation 1 vice chairman of the Education and Teaching Guidance Professional Committee, 3 members of the Professional Teaching Guidance Committee of ordinary colleges and universities, 1 member of the National Chinese International Education Professional Degree Postgraduate Education Guidance Committee, 1 National Excellent Teacher; Liaoning Province Hundreds and Thousands of Talents Project There are 28 candidates at the 100-level level, 28 candidates at the 1,000-level level, 7 outstanding experts in Liaoning Province, 15 special-appointed professors in Liaoning Province, 1 "climbing scholar" in Liaoning Province, 70 people in the Liaoning Province Higher Education Support Program for Innovative Talents, and "Xing" in Liaoning Province. There are 3 leading talents in philosophy and social sciences of the Liaoning Talents Program, 8 top-notch young talents in the Liaoning Talents Project, 1 teaching teacher of the Liaoning Talents Project; 8 provincial-level teaching teams, and provincial-level teaching teachers 21 people, 5 provincial-level professional leaders, 5 provincial "four batches" talents; 1 Dalian outstanding contribution expert, 18 Dalian outstanding experts, 5 Dalian municipal government special allowance recipients, Dalian leader There are 5 candidates for the talent training project, 6 Dalian leading reserve talents, and 16 Dalian Youth Science and Technology Star Project Support Program.
The school campus has two campuses (including the Huanghe Road campus and the Xishan Lake campus), with 21 colleges and graduate schools. There are currently 6 post-doctoral research stations, 9 first-level discipline doctoral programs, 56 second-level discipline doctoral programs, 1 doctoral professional degree authorization point; 25 first-level discipline master programs, 106 second-level discipline master programs, 11 One professional degree master's program; 4 first-class characteristic disciplines (first-level disciplines) in Liaoning Province colleges and universities, of which 3 first-level disciplines were selected as "first-class construction disciplines" in Liaoning Province; 8 key disciplines in Liaoning Province.
The school currently has 60 undergraduate majors currently recruiting, including 6 national characteristic majors, 9 national first-class undergraduate majors, 9 provincial demonstration majors, 26 provincial first-class undergraduate education demonstration majors, and 8 provincial first-class undergraduate majors There are 4 provincial-level specialty specialties, 17 provincial key construction majors; 3 national-level quality courses, 1 first-class course, 34 provincial-level quality courses, 3 first-class courses, and 4 provincial-level graduate courses Department; 10 national-level planning textbooks, 7 provincial-level quality textbooks; 1 provincial-level talent training model innovation experimental zone; 7 provincial-level experimental teaching demonstration centers; 5 provincial-level virtual simulation experimental teaching centers (projects); Evaluation of the construction unit of the provincial-level teacher teaching development demonstration center; the national language promotion base; 1 national off-campus practical education base construction project for college students; 16 provincial-level college student practical education base construction projects; 2 provincial-level teacher education reform and innovation experimental areas ; 5 national higher education teaching achievement awards, 2 basic education teaching achievement awards; 82 provincial higher education teaching achievement awards, 2 basic education achievement awards; 2 basic education curriculum reform achievement awards from the Ministry of Education, provincial foundation 5 educational curriculum reform achievement awards.
The school has a research center for marine economy and sustainable development (a key research base for humanities and social sciences jointly established by the ministry and province), a national and local joint engineering technology research center for marine biopharmaceuticals (approved by the National Development and Reform Commission), marine genetic engineering drugs and natural activities Product Engineering Research Center (a major science and technology platform for universities in Liaoning Province); there are 9 provincial key laboratories, 4 provincial key laboratories of universities; 1 provincial engineering technology research center; 2 provincial collaborative innovation centers, 6 Provincial key research bases for humanities and social sciences in colleges and universities, 2 provincial think tanks, 19 other types of research bases; 10 provincial college innovation teams; participated in the preparation of 4 provincial collaborative innovation centers; 9 municipal key laboratories, 1 A city-level engineering research center; cultivation and construction of 8 school-level new-type think tanks; colleges and universities social sciences associations, science and technology associations; the creation of the Niuheliang Hongshan Cultural Research Institute and the Institute of Religious Issues. During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, school teachers completed 1602 scientific research projects; published 370 monographs; published 7,749 papers, of which 923 were indexed by SCI; obtained 167 authorized patents; obtained 66 provincial and ministerial awards; Signed 130 "Four Skills" contracts; Consultative and political recommendations were approved by leaders at or above the provincial and ministerial level 17 items.
The school actively builds a large platform for international cooperation and has established exchanges and cooperation with 118 universities and scientific research institutions in 23 countries and regions. The school was approved by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council to cooperate with Missouri State University in the United States to build an international business school. The College of International Education is a secondary college that specializes in accepting and training foreign students and overseas Chinese students. It is the Chinese education base of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Bureau of the United Front Work Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. It is one of the institutions designated by the Ministry of Education to accept Chinese government scholarships for international students. Liaoning Province is a demonstration base for studying in China and a demonstration university for studying in China. Each year, it receives more than 1,000 foreign students from more than 50 countries and regions and has a Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) test center. The school also established a Confucius Institute at the National University of Milan, Italy.
The school has been rated as an advanced unit of national party building and ideological and political education, an advanced unit of research and practice of entrepreneurship education in national colleges and universities, a typical experience university in deepening the reform of innovation and entrepreneurship education in the country, an advanced unit of youth education, an advanced unit of social practice, and a university Advanced unit of property management, an advanced unit of logistics information and publicity of colleges and universities, an advanced unit of quality management QC results of the family planning system, an advanced unit of juvenile crime research work of the Ministry of Education, national standardization model school of language and writing, advanced group of national language work, Mandarin proficiency test Advanced test station. Has been awarded as an advanced grassroots party organization in Liaoning Province, a model university for deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education reform in Liaoning Province, ideological and political work, student status management work in ordinary colleges and universities in Liaoning Province, graduate education and degree work, employment work for college students, mental health education for college students, and Communist Youth League work, Advanced units for managing schools according to law and studying in China. It has been rated as an advanced party committee and civilized unit of the province and city for many years.
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