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Foreign Language Dubbing Competition



On the afternoon of April 8th, the 6th "Sound and Color" Foreign Language Dubbing Competition in the Learning Corner of the International Education College was held in classroom 303. Participants in this event are Teacher Zhang Ting, a counselor of the International Education College, 2020 master's degree students and international students.


The teams participating in this dubbing competition include Hogwarts Golden Snitch, 1988 Memory Kill, The Little Prince, Russian Workers Group, Northeast Wu Yan Group, Japanese Ma Dongmei and Fuxin Guo Fucheng. At the beginning of the event, the host Liu Jinyu and Geely organized a lottery to determine the order of performances. After the lottery was completed, the members of each group entered into an intense preparation.


The first performance was the Hogwarts Golden Snitch. The dubbing clips they chose were edited clips of Harry Potter character Umbridge. British English was paired with the magical world, full of fantasy; the second group was Japanese Ma Dongmei, they chose The fun clips in "Charlotte Troubles" show the students' fluent Japanese level while full of joy; the third group is the Tohoku Wu Yan group, with a fluent Tohoku dialect coupled with the Busan trip, the intimacy is blown away. It is full of fun; the fourth group is 1998 memory kills, which selected fragments from the Korean drama "Please answer 1988", vivid and authentic Korean with warm stories, leaving the audience deeply moved; the fifth group is Russia In the workgroup, the expressive Russian dubbing made the Russian English classroom interesting; the sixth group was Fuxin Guo Fucheng, who intercepted the fragments from "Friends", and showed the precious friendship between the "old friends" in a ridiculous way; seventh The group is dubbed "The Little Prince", ending in English, and the healing voice shows the warmth and magic of the rebirth of broken dreams.


After the performance of each group, the host organizes everyone to vote for the top three in their hearts, followed by the 1988 Memory Kill, the Northeast Wu Yan Group, and Fuxin Guo Fucheng. The volunteers of the competition guide the members of each group to receive the competition prizes. Finally, everyone took a group photo together, and the event ended successfully.


In this competition, each team has its own characteristics, and the display of each language conveys a new possibility. The communication and conversion between different languages is also a collision of thinking styles. The development of this activity is not only conducive to creating an atmosphere for learning a new language, but also conducive to us understanding another way of thinking and feel the tolerance and vastness of the world.


group photo


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