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According to the latest results of the 2020 Chinese Government Scholarship for Outstanding International Students in China announced by the Ministry of Education, two international students recommended by our school: Pakistani ethics PhD student AMJAD NAWAZ, Kyrgyzstan International Trade AIBEK NURLANBEKOV, a professional master's student, won the honorary title of "Outstanding Chinese Government Student in China" due to outstanding performance in academic performance, scientific research, and social contribution.


The "Chinese Government Award for Outstanding International Students in China" is the highest honor awarded by the Ministry of Education to outstanding international students in China. The purpose of this award is to deeply study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, implement the requirements of the National Education Conference, expand the radiation and influence of Chinese government scholarships, and select and inspire international students who are knowledgeable, good-natured, and have excellent academic performance. Since its establishment, the award has been highly valued by universities across the country. More than 1,000 international students participate in the selection every year. In recent years, a total of 9 international students from our school have won the award.




AMJAD NAWAZ, Chinese name: Amjad, Pakistani, a 2020 PhD student in ethics of our school, tutor: Professor Gu Aihua. The student has excellent grades and devoted himself to research, and published an English paper in the European Journal of Natural and Social Sciences 2019. In 2020, he participated in the 3rd International Creative Cities International Academic Seminar and Industry Matchmaking Conference, and delivered a keynote speech as a guest on "The Impact of Transformational Leadership on Psychological Development and Student Satisfaction During the Epidemic". During the epidemic, the student, as the first international student volunteer of Liaoning University, actively participated in the anti-epidemic front, actively served the school students, and made outstanding contributions to the school's epidemic prevention and control work. In 2020, the student won the title of “Top Ten Outstanding Volunteers” and “Person of the Year of the International Education College in 2020”.




AIBEK NURLANBEKOV, Chinese name: Aibek, Kyrgyzstan, a 2019 master's degree in international trade at our school. The student loves Chinese culture, is willing to help others, give full play to the leading role of the cadres of the International Student Union, and actively participate in various activities organized inside and outside the school. In 2020, he participated in the "Watching China-Foreign Youth Video Project-Liaoning Tour" activity and served as a foreign director. His work "The Farmer" won the third prize of the 7th "Golden Eye Award". In 2020, this student won the title of "Top Ten Outstanding Volunteers" and "Outstanding Student Cadres" by the International Education Institute.


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