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Opening Ceremony of 2020 "Chinese Bridge" Online Project



On the afternoon of December 24 (Thursday), Liaoning University held the opening ceremony of the 2020 "Chinese Bridge" online group exchange program. The meeting was conducted by video conference.


Garimkhanov Azat Bratovic, Vice President of Bashkir State University of Russia, and Filipova Rita Faritovna, Director of Foreign Affairs, attended the meeting, and Sun Shiguo, Vice President of Liaoning University attended the meeting. Jiang Lei, Director of the International Exchange Office, Tian Yufen, Secretary of the Institute of International Education, Jiang Tao, Dean, Ma Xiaojun, Deputy Secretary and Deputy Dean, Kou Zhenfeng, Deputy Dean, Zhang Yang, Director of the Department of Language Studies, and Xue Jun, Director of the Office, attended the meeting . The meeting was chaired by Jiang Tao, Dean of the School of International Education.


Garimkhanov Azat Blatovic, vice president of Bashkir State University, Russia, delivered a speech at the meeting. He said that Bashkir State University and Liaoning University have maintained a good cooperative relationship for many years. The two sides send high-quality students to each other every year, promote cultural exchanges, and have a deep friendship. He hopes that the two sides will continue to strengthen cooperation. He said that this "Chinese Bridge" online exchange program provides a good opportunity for the two universities to deepen exchanges and is conducive to jointly training high-quality international talents. Ms. Felipova Rita Faritovna, Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Bashkir State University, introduced the basic situation of Bashkir University and hoped that the two sides will continue to maintain a good partnership and jointly run the "Chinese Bridge". "project. Mao Yifei, a student representative from Bashkir State University and a master of Oriental Studies, spoke in both Chinese and Russian languages. She said that she is very happy to participate in the "Chinese Bridge" online exchange program and believes that there will be rich harvests in the whole process. She said that she will work hard to learn Chinese, learn Chinese culture, and pass on the baton of friendship between the two countries.


In his speech, Vice President Sun Shiguo emphasized that Liaoning University and Bashkir State University have always been partners in friendly exchanges. This "Chinese Bridge" online exchange project is an important bridge for the two sides to deepen cooperation and promote exchanges. It is hoped that the "Golden Bridge" "Chinese Bridge" will become a platform for cultural exchanges and mutual learning between the peoples of China and Russia. Vice President Sun Shiguo said that 2020 will be an extraordinary year with the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia. Liaoning University is willing to work with Bashkir State University to win the war of epidemic prevention and control. In his speech, he sincerely wished all teachers and students of Bashkir State University a happy new year, happiness and safety.


The 2020 "Chinese Bridge" online group exchange program is an international language cooperation center project declared by the International Education Institute. More than 130 Russian students were enrolled for this event. This exchange event will span the New Year and the Spring Festival. While Russian students are learning Chinese, cultural and professional courses, they will experience the charm of cultural tolerance and mutual learning between China and Russia in a festive atmosphere. The School of International Education of Liaoning University is determined to promote Sino-Russian friendship as the starting point, with the goal of "telling Chinese stories and cultivating international talents", carefully designing courses, enriching exchange content, and striving to contribute to building the "Chinese Bridge" brand.


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