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Listen to stories about the fight against the epidemic



"China Daily" reported on December 18 that on the afternoon of December 13th (Sunday), Mongolian students from our school, Dalle and Arili, were invited to visit the home of Dr. Hu Weina at the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University. To cook Mongolian-style mutton for the anti-epidemic heroes, thank Dr. Hu for his contribution in the fight against the epidemic.


During the epidemic, our country offered assistance to many good neighboring countries, including Mongolia. At that time, there was a rapid increase in the number of new crown pneumonia cases in Mongolia. The Chinese government took care of neighbors’ friendship and urgently deployed supplies to assist the Mongolian government to support Mongolia in fighting the epidemic and help the Mongolian people tide over the difficulties. The Mongolian government and people are very grateful and promised that “when the flock is fattened, 30,000 sheep will be given to China.” Now, a few months later, Mongolia has fulfilled its original promise, and 30,000 sheep have been delivered to China and distributed. In the hands of collectives and individuals who have contributed to the fight against the epidemic.


In the early stages of the epidemic, Dr. Hu Weina took the initiative to invite Ying, handed over the "War Request", and devoted herself to the fight against the epidemic. She became a member of the Liaoning Provincial Aid Medical Team. She demonstrated fearless dedication in the face of difficulties and contributed to the fight against the epidemic. Make an important contribution. Dalle and Arili showed off Mongolian cooking in the kitchen of Dr. Hu’s family, cooking Mongolian-style boiled mutton for Dr. Hu’s family. Daramzagd Galbadrakh said: "At first I was worried, but thanks to the joint efforts of doctors and nurses, the number of new cases has become less and less, the epidemic has been brought under control, and people have gradually returned to their normal lives, revealing what they have been missing for a long time. Smile. So I feel very cordial to see Dr. Hu today. I know that during the epidemic, she also cared for me silently and guarded me like my sister at all times.” Arili said, it is precisely because of the efforts and efforts of the Chinese government. With the dedication of "Doctor Hu", the overseas students' "epidemic prevention" years in a foreign country are full of security. During the dinner, Da Le sang a Chinese song "It’s Not So Simple", which was emotional and very beautiful. At the same time, to express his admiration for Dr. Hu and other frontline anti-epidemic heroes, Da Le also sang the Mongolian song Doctor's Honor. Everyone applauded warmly. Dr. Hu and her family will show you some photos of their assistance in the fight against the epidemic, the honors and awards gained from the fight against the epidemic, and at the same time tell the story of her actively participating in the front-line anti-epidemic team and actively supporting Xiangyang, Hubei.






Dr. Hu Weina said that she has only fulfilled the responsibilities of a doctor. She said: “During the COVID-19 epidemic, Chinese doctors rushed to help Hubei, the Chinese government and the private sector also cooperated with neighboring countries such as Mongolia. This is not only a duty and mission. The call of humanity is the responsibility guided by the consciousness of the community of shared future for mankind."


This event increased the two Mongolian students’ in-depth understanding of China’s anti-epidemic spirit and the quality of Chinese hospitality. It embodies the education philosophy of the International Education Institute of “telling Chinese stories and spreading Chinese voices”, and has enhanced the people of China and Mongolia. Friendship. Lu Linxiang, an international student counselor of the School of International Education, attended the event.


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