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Ebuike won the third prize of the "Golden Eye Award"



Recently, the China Huilin Cultural Fund and the Chinese Culture International Communication Research Institute issued the "Golden Eye Award" list for the award-winning works of the "Watching Chinese and Foreign Youth Video Project". The work "Nong·Human" by Kyrgyzstan students from our school won the "GoldenEye". Award" third prize.


Ebuike is a postgraduate student of International Trade in the School of Economics of our school and a member of the presidium of the International Students Association. He is concerned about the development of rural areas in Liaoning, and he personally visited the rural areas in northwestern Liaoning. The work he submitted this time, "Nong·Ren", records the story of Shengtai Agricultural Machinery in Changtu County, Tieling City, and Sheng Tieyong, a large grain grower. The documentary shows the story of Sheng Tieyong leading farmers to promote agricultural mechanization, presenting the appearance of modern Chinese agriculture to the audience, and has been recognized by experts of the jury.


The "Watching China·Foreign Youth Video Project" includes the Liaoning trip, Shanghai trip, Zhejiang trip, Guangdong trip and other units. Through the lens of foreign young people, the Chinese story will be promoted to the world stage, so that foreign young people can tell Chinese stories and let countries around the world feel and understand. In the new era of China, at the same time, cross-cultural communication, exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and foreign youths will be strengthened.




The theme of this "Liaoning Tour" is "Agriculture, Farmers, Farmers" and Liaoning in the post-epidemic era. Volunteers from the Graduate School of Radio, Film and Television and the Mark Muller Academy of Film and Art and 10 people from 9 countries of our school International students participated in this national event. They worked closely together to create 10 sets of wonderful documentaries, namely "Dream of Rice" (admirable, Senegalese), "Man Man" (Geely, Russian nationality), "Painting Peony" Village" (Ergena, Russian nationality), "Grass for wealth on the black soil" (Ma Le, Zambian nationality), "Eight Tigers Under the Mountain" (Gao Jian, Nigerian nationality), "Meet the Middle Street" (Wang Dali, Ghanaian), "Nong·Human" (Ibek, Kyrgyzstan), "Son of the Mountain" (Arili, Mongolian nationality), "The Legend of the Tin Fire" (Amjad, Pakistani nationality), "Medical Etiquette" Heart" (Mahamat, Chad). Through the unique perspective of foreign youths, these documentaries focused the lens on the new Liaoning in the post-epidemic era, recording the customs and development of rural Liaoning in the new era.


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