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The graduation exhibition opens in LZJTU

On the morning of April 30th, the second completion exhibition of calligraphy advanced training class in Gansu Province opened at the International Convention and Exhibition Center of our school. Provincial Government Counselor, Vice Chairman of the Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles Ma Guojun, Consultant of the Provincial Calligraphy Association, Deputy Director of the Institute of Calligraphy and Culture of Lanzhou University Qin Libin, Council Member and Deputy Secretary-General of the Provincial Calligraphy Association Zhao Yumin, Propaganda Department, Academic Affairs Office, Science and Technology Department, and Youth League Committee Relevant persons in charge of the institute, the Academy of Literature and International Sinology attended the opening ceremony. The event was hosted by the head of the Institute of Chinese Calligraphy and Culture of our school. More than 200 students from the advanced research class, painting and calligraphy lovers from all over the world, and our school students participated in the activity.


In his speech, Zhao Baowei, Executive Deputy Dean of the Research Institute of our school, emphasized that our school has always adhered to the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's speech on the artwork, organically unified calligraphy teaching, and research, and aesthetic education, and achieved cross-disciplinary integration. The Institute of Chinese Calligraphy and Culture of our college has always adhered to the work philosophy of "based on calligraphy, planting roots, diversity, and tolerance", and constantly introduces national and provincial calligraphy activities into our school. The 80 works exhibited this time are all from the classics, from the heart. The students have integrated their thoughts and learning for more than a year, carrying the persistent pursuit of the art of calligraphy, and condensing the sweat of the teachers and students. And hard work.




Ma Guojun, Counselor of the Provincial Government and Vice Chairman of the Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles, pointed out that emphasizing cultural self-confidence is a prerequisite for national self-confidence, and calligraphy is an important means of cultural self-confidence transmission. Lanzhou Jiaotong University relies on the profound cultural resources of Gansu to promote the vigorous development of Gansu's calligraphy art and enhance the cultural self-confidence of Gansu people. Starting from the calligraphy professional education in science and engineering colleges and universities, it is a very breakthrough in cooperating with Gansu Calligraphy Association to create a typical advanced training class. The professionalism of the graduated works stems from the innovation of the teaching concepts, ideas, content, and methods of the advanced research class. The Chinese Calligraphy Culture Research Institute of Lanzhou Jiaotong University has built a complete teaching system based on the standpoint of professional calligraphy education and has provided the majority of calligraphy enthusiasts. A professional platform for calligraphy learning. This graduation is not an end but a new beginning. Calligraphy learning is closely linked to life experience. The final works can only represent the results of one stage of learning, and the eternal extension of calligraphy art requires us to continue to forge ahead. Express the eternity of life with calligraphy art, serve the society, serve Gansu, and serve the country. Based on each position, drinking water thinks about the source, bacon casts the soul and strives to return the training of Lanzhou Jiaotong University with excellent results.




The head of the School of Literature and International Sinology announced the list of outstanding students, and the leaders and guests presented certificates to the outstanding students.




In the afternoon, "Where is the heart of the book"-Gansu Province's second calligraphy advanced training class graduation work exhibition experience exchange meeting was held in the medium-sized lecture hall of the Convention and Exhibition Center. The trainees and the experts discussed the transformation of calligraphy, philosophical thinking, aesthetic orientation, and calligraphy education in elementary and middle schools. They expressed their opinions and spoke freely. Finally, the director of the institute, Wang Feng, sent a message to the trainees to stand on the historical dimension and contemporary calligraphy vision. Come to examine one's own artistic path, insist on the vigor of persevering and upward pursuit of art, the great beauty consciousness of "heaven and earth as the heart", the idea of the artistic practice of "high music and seldom", and the personal art circle of "harmony but difference", constructing in the alternation of tradition and innovation. The art path of the times maintains integrity and expresses the spirit.


"Yihaihongtu knows whether you know, the Yellow River heads towards Daqin". The successful holding of this graduation exhibition fully reflects the practical exploration of the new ideas and new models of Gansu calligraphy education and adds to the construction of the Gansu calligraphy talent echelon. power.

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