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LZJTU holds a special job fair

On the evening of May 8, the special enrollment seminar for international engineering reserve talents training of Lanzhou Jiaotong University of China Railway Construction Co., Ltd. was held in the second Education Hall of our university. Wang Qian, director of the talent Department of the Organization Department (Human Resources Department) of the Party committee of China Railway Construction Co., Ltd., Ma jundang, vice president of our university, 47 recruitment representatives from 21 subsidiaries of China Railway Construction Co., Ltd. attended the enrollment and employment office, and the persons in charge of the employment departments of colleges and universities attended the report meeting.




At the presentation meeting, the Ma Jun Party delivered a welcome speech. He welcomed the China Railway Construction Recruitment Team and expressed his gratitude to China Railway Construction for its long-term care and support for the employment work of our school. Subsequently, Wang Xie, Director of the Human Resources Department of China Railway Construction, introduced the development history and corporate culture of China Railway Construction. He pointed out that China Railway Construction is an enterprise with profound historical background and a mission-oriented enterprise. He hopes that more outstanding graduates will join China Railway Construction. At the same time, he also gave the school strong support for this job fair and the school has served China for many years. Railway Construction expressed its gratitude for sending a large number of outstanding talents. Finally, the recruitment representative of the China Railway Construction Propaganda Group gave a lecture, and exchanged and answered questions on related issues with the participants on the spot.






On May 9, 21 subsidiaries of China Railway Construction Corporation held a special recruitment fair for the International Engineering Reserve Talents Program of China Railway Construction Corporation Limited at the University Student Activity Center. The scope of recruitment covers civil engineering, construction, materials, management, economics, literature, and other majors. Our school’s 2022 graduates participated in the job fair, and the atmosphere was very lively.




The international engineering talent class is an exploration of innovative talent training models for both schools and enterprises. Our school will take this opportunity to adhere to the principle of “complementary advantages, mutual benefit, collaborative innovation, and common development” between the school and the enterprise, and continue to deepen the cooperation and exchanges between the two parties, and provide our school graduates with better job opportunities for the country’s Modernization has contributed to the building.

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