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Chen Xingchong and foreign students spend the new year together

On February 4th, the twenty-third of the twelfth lunar month of the lunar calendar, on the occasion of the Chinese New Year, Vice President Chen Xingchong went to the dormitory of international students on behalf of the school to visit and condole the students who stayed at the school during the winter vacation. He brought couplets, blessings, and other New Year gifts to the students. The blessings contained warmth. Teacher Zai Lan of the International Education Institute participated in the condolences.


In the winter vacation of 2021, 81 international students will stay in our school. Affected by the epidemic, they have not returned to their homeland or visited relatives for at least a year. Chen Xingchong expressed his understanding of the thoughts of international students living in a foreign country, and thanked them for their trust in China and Lanzhou Jiaotong University during the global COVID-19 pandemic, and encouraged them to cherish the opportunity to study in China and appreciate Chinese folk customs, and actively integrate into China’s warm festive atmosphere. , I hope they can have a safe, happy, and meaningful winter vacation. At the same time, Chen Xingchong also urged the teachers of the International Education College to care about the lives of international students and ensure that they spend a safe and happy vacation.


To respond to the school’s call for epidemic prevention and control, and to ensure the safety of every international student at school, the school did not organize a large-scale party this year, but instead encouraged students to celebrate the festival in a small-scale way according to their own preferences. . During the sympathy process, it was discovered that the students celebrated the festival in various and novel ways: several students from Rwanda used traditional Chinese brushes to write the word "Fu" on red paper; two students from Ukraine invited the principal to join them in the dormitory Posted window grilles; students from Yemen danced traditional dances in their hometown at the door of the room with blessing characters; Danqing from Kazakhstan especially drew a pair of "Golden Ox New Year" for the Year of the Ox; 8 first-year undergraduates from different countries The students made a sumptuous holiday dinner, and the main meal was dumplings made by themselves.










The School of International Education also organized students to participate in online small-year knowledge quiz activities, to further deepen the international students’ understanding of Chinese New Year customs.

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