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Music sharing meeting held by Art College

On the evening of May 14, the "Cadenza Series Music Sharing Session (5)-Spring" was held as scheduled in the Wenshaolou Concert Hall, Yuzhong Campus.


With the theme of spring, this concert is mainly in the form of chamber music performance. Three classic works spanning different periods and different styles were selected to bring an audio-visual feast to teachers and students. Young teachers of Lanzhou University Art College Ma Chao, Gao Wei, Chen Hui, Zhang Ningning, and other undergraduates and performers of Lanzhou Symphony Orchestra performed emotionally and specially invited Duan Wei, a teacher of Northwest Music School affiliated to Lanzhou Fourteenth Middle School, to act as a conductor.






At the beginning of the concert, Zhang Ningning and Ma Chao presented No. 5 Violin Sonata OP.24, "Spring" in F major. There are four movements in this work. The violin and piano are in the transition processing and the Adagio "answering" echoes, rippling with charming romance and the warmth of "spring".




Ma Chao, Chen Hui, and Zhang Ningning performed "Four Seasons of Buenos Aires" by Astor Piazzolla. This song not only depicts the wonderful life of Buenos Aires but also pays tribute to the "Four Seasons" by Vivaldi, the music master of the Baroque period, paying tribute to nature and all innocence and beauty.




Duan Wei was invited as the conductor of the concert. The instrumental music teachers of the Academy of Arts were the main body, and the outstanding students of the Academy performed Vivaldi's "Spring" of "Four Seasons". This work has a beautiful melody and a fresh melody. In this season of late spring and early summer, it will bring endless aftertaste to the audience.



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