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Chinese Language Advanced Student Program

1. Culture and Art :

(1) Chinese Customs

(2) Opera Appreciation

(3) Chinese Tourism Culture

(4) Folk Music Appreciation

(5) Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Appreciation

(6) Traditional Chinese Medicine

(7) Tea Culture and Food Culture;


2. Social Science :

(1) Chinese Philosophy

(2) Chinese Religion

(3) Chinese Aesthetics

(4) Chinese Education

(5) Chinese Society

(6) Chinese Politics and Law;


3. Economics and Trade :

(1) Introduction to China's Economy

(2) Chinese Marketing

(3) Management of Sino-foreign Joint Ventures

(4) International Trade Practice

Note: The above special lectures will be arranged according to actual conditions and may be changed. Please announce after the beginning of the semester The information shall prevail.


4. Contact information

Contact: Teacher Wang, Teacher Li

Mailing address: School of International Cultural Exchange, Lanzhou University, 222 Tianshui South Road, Lanzhou, China

Postal Code: 730000

Contact number: +86-931-8914290

Fax: +86-931-8912794


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