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LZU held "Cuiying humanistic Academic Salon"



Associate Professor Yang Chenbo's speech centered on the theme of "ethnic conflict and global governance", starting from three aspects: basic concepts and viewpoints, main concerns of existing research, and possible trends in future research. The first part introduces the research overview of the concept of ethnic conflict, the main methods of ethnic conflict management, and the main body of ethnic conflict management. The second part mainly elaborates the existing research concerns, namely, the motives of the belligerents to participate in conflict management, the motives and effects of third-party intervention, and how conflict management can protect civilians. In the third part, it judges the possible trends of future research in terms of whether external mediation can bring positive effects to the political development of the countries involved in the post-conflict period.




The two reviewers made detailed and in-depth comments on Associate Professor Yang Chenbo's speech. From the perspective of feminism, Dr. Mao Jianping expressed his ethical care for ethnic conflicts. He believed that from the perspective of humanistic care, he might make some new interpretations of ethnic conflicts and gain new vitality. Associate Professor Li Yibin compares ethnic conflict with terrorism and believes that they are closely related but different. In-depth and detailed observation of the development and changes of the two is the most important work for researchers.


This salon attracted teachers and students from different subject backgrounds to participate in academic discussions. It is hoped that the subsequent holding of the "Cuiying Humanities Salon" will create opportunities and provide a platform for promoting the cross integration of different disciplines, expanding academic horizons, and improving academic standards.


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