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LZU holds training meeting



To further enhance our school's ability to apply for the National Natural Science Fund and the National Social Science Fund, on the morning of October 13th, the Lanzhou University National Fund Application Training Conference was held on the Chengguan campus. The principal Yan Chunhua attended the conference and gave a keynote speech. Xu Pengfei, Director of the Science and Technology Division, and Sha Yongzhong, Director of the Social Science Division, hosted the morning and afternoon training sessions respectively.




Yan Chunhua briefly introduced the country's overall funding system in the fields of science and technology, humanities, and social sciences since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, focusing on detailed explanations and experience sharing on the main points of application for the National Natural Science Foundation of China. According to the existing project types and functional positioning of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), detailed guidance has been given to the preparations before application, writing, and submission, and the basic process of "hourglass-style" scientific research topic selection is proposed. At the same time, it emphasizes the citation in the literature. We must abide by the important role of academic norms and other aspects, sounding the clarion call for mobilization of national fund applications in 2019.


Associate Professor Zhu Yongbiao of the School of Politics and International Relations, based on his own experience and experience in obtaining three national social science fund project support, detailed the social science fund review procedures, the importance, and skills of topic selection, and the precautions for application writing. Introduction and sharing, with particular emphasis on the importance of topic selection.


Xu Pengfei introduced and analyzed the current situation of the National Natural Science Foundation of our school, systematically sorted out the problems in the application in recent years, made a detailed interpretation of the precautions for the application of the fund, and made arrangements for the application of the National Natural Science Foundation of China in 2019 And requirements.


Sha Yongzhong analyzed in detail the current situation of humanities and social sciences in our school and interpreted the background of the release of relevant documents. At the same time, he made detailed arrangements for the application of the National Social Science Fund in 2019. Counseling, book polishing, and technical checks by the management department will eventually achieve the effect of synergistic improvement.




All units (including the First College of Lanzhou University and the Second College of Lanzhou University) in charge of scientific research, deputy deans, scientific research secretaries, fund applicants, all staff of the Science and Technology Department, Social Sciences Department, and some scientific researchers from Gansu Provincial People's Hospital attended the meeting.

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