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International Student Enrollment

1. Professional Advanced Students/Research Scholars

1.1 Professional introduction: Please refer to the catalog of enrollment majors for postgraduates and doctoral students.

1.2 Acceptance of application time: Autumn and winter semester: April 1 to June 15; Spring and summer semester: October 15 to December 15.

1.3 Start time: Fall semester: end of August or early September; spring semester: late February or early March. The specific time is subject to the Admission Notice.

1.4 Tuition: General scholars refer to master's students, senior scholars and research scholars refer to doctoral candidates.

1.5 Application qualifications: no age limit, good health, holding a valid foreign passport, general scholar applicants should have more than two years of university education, senior scholar applicants should have a university education or higher, research scholars should Have a master's degree or above or an associate professor or above title. Applicants for liberal arts majors must reach HSK level 6 or above; applicants for science and engineering majors must reach HSK level 4 or above. Research scholars who teach in English do not require Chinese proficiency.


2. Materials to be submitted when applying

2.1 The application form for foreign students of Lanzhou University.

Log in to the foreign student enrollment system of Lanzhou University (click to enter), fill in, print, and sign online.

2.2 The original or notarized copy of the academic certificate (Chinese or English).

2.3 Original or notarized copies (in Chinese or English) of all course transcripts at the undergraduate or graduate level.

2.4 HSK level certificate.

2.5 One copy of passport.

2.6 Personal study plan.


3. Admission method

The school will select the best candidates based on the applicant's grades, personal study plan, and Chinese proficiency. All admission materials will be sent out before July 15.


4. Contact information

Application Location: 703, Student Activity Center, Chengguan Campus, Lanzhou University

Contact: Teacher Wang, Teacher Xie

Mailing address: School of International Cultural Exchange, Lanzhou University, 222 Tianshui South Road, Lanzhou, China

Postal Code: 730000

Contact number: +86-931-8914290

Fax: +86-931-8912794


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