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Experience 5G New Reading on World Book Day

On the afternoon of April 23, more than fifty Chinese and foreign students from our school came to China National Books Import and Export (Group) Corporation to participate in the special event of "World Book Day" for 5G New Reading of Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture on Campus.

This event was jointly organized by the International Education College of the Minzu University of China and China National Books Import and Export (Group) Co., Ltd.

Taking the World Book Day as an opportunity, Chinese and foreign students from the Minzu University of China is fortunate to be the first batch of experienced officers to experience the charm of Chinese culture at a close distance through an immersive reading experience with sound, scenery and color.

This kind of immersive reading that breaks the boundaries of time and space allows students to "immerse" in classics, calligraphy, and painting, travel among them, and experience the integration of traditional culture and technology.




After putting on the VR glasses, Liu Tianyi, an 18-level undergraduate of Chinese International Education, really felt that people were walking in the middle of the painting.

5G New Reading presents traditional classics and Chinese paintings in this form, which has shortened the distance between us and traditional literature and art.

I hope that in the future, our 5G new readings can enter thousands of households. This is the 5G era. Brings greater meaning to us.

When I experienced 5G reading technology just now, the first eight words that came to my mind were: vivid and lifelike. On the big screen, whether it is the flowers, birds, trees, or The characters can be seen clearly, as if they are on the scene.

Although 5G reading technology has not yet achieved popularization and is well known to everyone, I think this way of reading is really lively and interesting.

I also believe that in In the future, 5G reading technology can enter the public’s field of vision, and even be applied around the world. At the same time, this is also a symbol of China’s increasing scientific and technological strength.

We hope that 5G reading technology can develop better and better." Zhang Kefei, a 20-level undergraduate Also expressed their expectations.

The event that left a deep impression on master student Wang Yating was the "Yongle Dadian" displayed under 5g technology. "Because the entire volume has been lost, we generally can only look at it from a distance in a museum or window.

The significance of 5g technology lies in this. We can really approach the "Yongle Dadian" through 5G technology and VR technology to understand the compilation process and The specific content, which adds a pair of wings to the spread of Chinese culture, allows them to enter thousands of households, which is also one of the purposes of our technology development.

I also hope that we can have more opportunities to see more works in the future. , Let the influence of Chinese culture spread all over the world." Li Rehan, a 20-level undergraduate student, realized that 5G reading can make the reading experience more novel.

In the past, although we were able to walk into the museum and watch the picture scrolls, the static viewing was far less vivid than the real experience of VR.

Through VR, the still picture becomes an image and displayed in front of our eyes; we can incarnate the person in the picture and experience the ancient times.

With the pace of life of work at sunrise and rest at sunset, we can walk around the painting room and appreciate the beauty of Huashan in the moment of painting.

The VR reading method under 5G technology will spread Chinese culture to the outside world more intuitively and understandably. To promote the spread and development of Chinese culture."

Gu Jiabin, a doctoral student majoring in International Chinese Teaching, felt happy and surprised the most about this experience.

I was surprised that the 5G reading products launched by China Graphics made me feel like I was in the library when I was reading, and the books were readily available, which was very convenient. The effect of the video content was vividly presented as if I was on the scene."

Sunshine students from Somalia experienced many new ways of reading, and their excitement was overwhelming.

It’s a great harvest today. I experienced three different types. It's great! It's both beautiful and advanced! It's a great job! I have a strong sense of participation, so I can get a better experience.

Chinese culture is diverse,  I look forward to seeing more works, especially works that can reflect the diversity of Chinese culture."

Yu Yuan from Congo Bravo kept taking pictures in front of the big screen. "I am very happy to be here today to experience the new reading of 5G.

Now I not only have a basic understanding of it but also feel the charm of 5G. The word 'excitement' can represent my feelings about 5G.

I think the rapid development of technology in China cannot be compared with my country, so I hope that in the future I can learn a lot and build my country."




Over the years, the School of International Education of the Minzu University of China has trained many international compound talents with Chinese feelings and international perspectives for countries all over the world.

Graduates are located in dozens of countries around the world. They are dedicated to spreading the Chinese excellent traditional culture and telling Chinese stories. With our efforts.

New technology empowers cultural communication, which will further enhance cultural self-confidence, expand traditional cultural communication methods, and promote students' understanding of China's excellent traditional culture.


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