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Attend academic seminar

From April 24 to April 25, 2020, the 13th National Symposium on Chinese Lexicology was held in Jinan.

Associate Professor Zhang Haiwei, a teacher of our school, and Sun Peng, a master student, were invited to participate in this meeting with the support of the leadership of the school.

The 13th National Symposium on Chinese Lexicology was hosted by the School of Letters, Shandong Normal University, and co-organized by the Commercial Press.

More than 200 experts, scholars, and students from 62 colleges and universities participated in this academic seminar to discuss Chinese lexical theory, Chinese vocabulary testing and evaluation, and research on Chinese vocabulary teaching.

In the group report hosted by Associate Professor Zhang Haiwei on April 24, Sun Peng gave a report titled "Research on the Development of Chinese Vocabulary Scale for Primary School Students".

The research was conducted by Teacher Zhang Haiwei. The graduate student Sun Peng of our school and the undergraduate students Liang Qihong and Tao Yan, Liu Lu, Liao Dan, and others participated together.

Starting from the reliability and validity of the "Chinese Vocabulary Scale for Primary School Students" and the status quo of primary school students' Chinese vocabulary, he made a report to the participating experts and scholars. The report aroused heated discussions.




After the report, Professor Su Xinchun of Xiamen University had a profound exchange with Teacher Zhang Haiwei on the "Research on the Development of Chinese Vocabulary Scale for Primary School Students".

He recognized the research results and made valuable suggestions.




This conference deepened our teacher's and students' understanding of the frontier issues of Chinese lexical, promoted academic exchanges with academia, and also demonstrated the good looks of the teachers and students of the National Education Institute of the People's Republic of China.


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