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Bachelor degree program

I. Application Requirements

1. Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens between the age of 18 (before entering university) to 30, with a valid foreigner’s passport.

2. Applicants must be healthy and have good behavior, complying with the laws and regulations of China and the rules of Nankai University.

3. Bachelor’s degree applicants must have a corresponding high school diploma.

Note: According to the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Education of the PRC, residents of mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan who have emigrated to other countries and are applying to Nankai University must have held a valid foreigner’s passport or citizenship documents before April 30, 2017, along with proof of cancellation of Chinese nationality. The applicant should also have a record of having actually lived abroad for over 2 years between April 30, 2017, to April 30, 2021. Having actually lived for 9 months in one year can be calculated as having lived in that location for one year, based on the Entry and Exit Stamp.


II. Application Deadline

The deadline for the first round (scholarship available) is March 31, 2021.

The deadline for the second round (self-support) is June 15, 2021. For more information, please read the introduction of the scholarship.


III. Majors and Length of Study

The international bachelor’s students at NKU will be trained under the academy system. For the first year, the students will receive general education in the School of International Education for a single specialty. After they finish the general education program, they will be arranged to study corresponding specialties according to their scores in the first year. Starting from the second year, students will begin their major studies, which can be taken in two modes. One is the general mode of 1+3, that students will study for their majors for 3 years and get the Bachelor’s degree at graduation. The other is a distinctive compound-talent mode of 3+2, in which students will continue to study the Chinese Language for another 2 years in the School of International Education, and then study International Policy, Tourism Management, or International Commerce. After students have reached the standard of the major training, they will get two Bachelor's degrees: Chinese Language and one of the three specialties: International Policy, Tourism Management, or International Commerce.

The Bachelor's degree requires 4 years, and the dual degree programs require 5 years.  


IV. Application Process and Required Materials

1. Please register at the website:, and complete the online application. 

2. Required Materials for Bachelor:

A. Notarized diploma of the highest level of education obtained. Applicants expecting to graduate this academic year must submit an official document issued by their current school to prove their current student status and expected graduation date.

B. Complete academic transcripts of the highest level of education.

C. Personal Statement, including a study or research plan, financial situation, reasons for scholarship application, honors and awards, personal strengths, etc.

D. A letter of recommendation from their high school teacher. The letters should be written in Chinese or English; the phone number and email address of the person issuing the recommendation should be included.

E. Applicants for Chinese-taught specialties are required to submit the HSK certificate. (Applicants who have graduated from the Independent school of Malaysia don’t need to submit any certificate of Chinese language proficiency if they apply for Chinese-taught programs. Applicants who don’t meet the Chinese language requirements can apply for one year of Chinese language studies before entering their major studies.)

F. Photocopy of passport (ordinary passport- it must be valid until April 1, 2022, or later).

G. Photocopy of signature.

H. Supplementary Materials:

a. Applicants who have changed nationality from Chinese to another nationality should submit the certificate of cancellation of Chinese nationality and the record of Entry and Exit in the last 4 years.

b. Other materials that can prove the applicants’ learning ability and comprehensive abilities, such as award certificates in sports or the arts, specialty certificates, published papers, undergraduate admission notices issued by other universities, etc.

Note: All of the above application materials should either be in Chinese or English. For documents or certificates in languages other than Chinese or English, notarized Chinese or English translations are required.


V. Assessment and Admission

The information in application materials should be identical to those in the passport and the valid visa or residence permit used for the application. After the evaluation of applicants’ application materials, the college and schools will decide whether to add examination or interview based on the applicants’ education backgrounds and application majors applied for. Please pay attention to further updates for specific assessment methods, contents, or dates.

The applicants who pass the screening of application materials and the evaluative interview will be admitted by Nankai University. The admission materials will be issued in June 2021. The admission committee of the Nankai University will check the information and materials of the applicant. If any sort of fraud or violation of rules is discovered and verified, the applicant will be disqualified from admission. Admission results will be announced in the registration system or the applicant’s mailbox.


VI. Payment Standards and Methods

1. Application fee: CNY 400 or USD 75

2. Tuition fee: Remittance cannot be made overseas. Please turn to the specialty information to know more about the standard of tuition fees.

3. Method of Payment

A. Please submit the fee to the Nankai University Registry (the ground floor of the Nankai University Student Activity Center). Making a payment on behalf of someone else is allowed.

B. Please make remittance to a bank in China. 

*The information above is for reference only. Actual fees will be by the tuition standards at the time of admission.

Note: When the remittance is made, please make a note of “International Student Registration Fee + Passport Number of the Applicant + the abbreviation of the applicant’s country”.

4. Medical insurance fee: CNY 1000 per student per year

According to the regulations of the Ministry of Education of P. R. China, international students must purchase comprehensive medical insurance for foreign students while they are studying in China. International students are required to purchase insurance before registration (International Students Insurance:


VII. Scholarships

Nankai University will directly consider the applicants’ admission application materials, education background, school performance, and special abilities as the basis for scholarship selection.

1. Chinese Government Scholarship

Scholarship Value: Exemption from tuition fee; provision of accommodation fee, provision of coverage of comprehensive medical insurance, and a living allowance, which needs an additional application.

2. International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship

Scholarship Value: Exemption from tuition fee; provision of accommodation fee, provision of coverage of comprehensive medical insurance, and a living allowance, which needs an additional application.

3. Tianjin Government Scholarship

This scholarship doesn’t need to be applied for independently. Students will be selected to win this scholarship once a year.  

Scholarship Value: tuition allowance.

4. Study-at-Nankai Scholarship

This scholarship doesn’t need to be applied for independently. Students will be selected to win this scholarship once a year.  

Scholarship Value: tuition allowance, accommodation allowance, or living allowance.


VIII. Accommodation

CNY 1200/student/month — CNY 2200/student/month

1. On-campus accommodation: Nankai University provides individual lavatories and room cleaning services. On-campus accommodation is limited—first-come, first-serve.

2. Off-campus accommodation: The University Cooperative Housing Apartment: Longfor Goyo Apartment. Please find more details at the website:


IX. Contact Information

School of International Education of Nankai University

Balai Campus Address: Room 400, School of International Education, 94 Weijin Road, Tianjin

Postal code: 300071

Tel: 0086-22-23503615/8825

Jinnan Campus Address: Room 202/203, School of International Education, 38 Tongyan Road, Haihe River Education Area, Tianjin, P. R. China. Postal code: 300350



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