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Online summer camp

Nankai News Network (Correspondent Hao Zhiqiang) On February 22, the Chinese Bridge short-term project "Learning Practical Chinese, Savoring Appreciation Tianjin" organized by the Chinese-foreign Language Exchange Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Education and undertaken by the Office of the Confucius Institute at Nankai University was held through the Chinese Alliance platform At the opening ceremony.

Li Yuelin, Director of the Office of the Confucius Institute, Zhang Ning, Deputy Director, and Chinese and foreign deans, project teachers, and representatives of overseas students from the Nankai Overseas Confucius Institute attended the online ceremony.

92 students from Turkey, South Korea, Japan, Portugal, Britain, France, Spain, Russia, Brazil, and the United States gathered in the cloud.

Li Yuelin introduced the general situation of Tianjin City and the situation of our school's international exchanges, Confucius Institute, and this project to the students. Nathan Woolley.

The foreign dean of the Confucius Institute at the University of Glasgow in the UK expressed the hope that the students will seize this opportunity to raise their awareness of China and strengthen communication and understanding. Representatives of teachers and representatives of international students introduced the preparations for the life and recorded courses of the project respectively.

The Chinese Bridge project is based on the "Famous Historical and Cultural City-Tianjin" and "Fair, Fair and Energetic-Humanistic Nankai" for two weeks. It aims to improve the Chinese proficiency of overseas students and provide opportunities to experience Chinese culture and understand Tianjin and Nankai University.

The lecturers include specially-appointed martial arts experts, specially-invited lecturers from Tianjin Museum, teachers from the School of Chinese Language and Culture, Economics, and History of Nankai University, and backbone teachers of the Confucius Institute. The content covers practical Chinese learning, knowledge of Chinese characteristic language and culture, Chinese martial arts, Chinese cultural treasures and porcelain, Chinese economy and modern history, Tianjin specialties, folk customs, Chinese and Western architecture, traditional Tianjin and modern Tianjin, etc.


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