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Opening of Chinese training class




Nankai News Network (correspondent Sun Wei) In order to effectively respond to the new situation of the new crown epidemic, our school proactively serves the country’s education opening to the outside world.

Expands the overseas influence of Chinese language, culture, and higher education, and actively uses the Internet to provide online education opportunities for young people around the world. Online Chinese language training program for the spring semester of 2021.

On the afternoon of March 26, Beijing time, the opening ceremony of the "Nankai University Spring Semester Chinese Language Training Program of 2021" was held. Wang Lixin, Dean of the School of International Education of Nankai University.

Ou Yingxi, Deputy Dean, Zou Yayan, Director of the Chinese Language Training Department, relevant heads of the International Student Admissions Management Office, teachers and student representatives, and all Chinese teachers and students of the online program attended the opening ceremony.

On behalf of the School of International Education and the School of Chinese Language and Culture of Nankai University, Wang Lixin extended his welcome to all students from all over the world who participated in the online project.

He pointed out that all students should make full use of online project learning opportunities, study Chinese hard, understand Chinese culture and China's national conditions, and improve Chinese teaching skills.

He hoped that all the trainees could become ambassadors of friendly exchanges in various fields between China and foreign countries in the future, and contribute their own strength to enhancing the friendship between the Chinese people and the people of other countries in the world and contributing to world peace and development.

Cao Xia spoke as a teacher representative. On behalf of all the teachers of the International Education College and the Chinese Language and Culture College, she welcomed all the students. She said that all the teachers will bring a wealth of Chinese and Chinese culture courses to the students to help them improve their Chinese proficiency and enhance their Chinese teaching skills.

Brazilian student Amore and Korean student Jeon Ji-hee spoke as student representatives. Amore expressed that she was deeply impressed by the mutual respect between teachers and students in the Nankai University family and the sincere friendship between Chinese and foreign students.

During the time I was living and studying in China, I was deeply moved by the spirit of struggle of the Chinese people. There is indeed a lot to learn from China in the world. Quan Jixi thanked Nankai University for providing high-quality learning resources for online projects and equipped with experienced teachers.

She hopes that, during the special period, she would like to encourage students from all over the world who are still passionate about learning Chinese.

It is reported that since the enrollment brochure was released in December 2020, the program has attracted widespread attention among Chinese learners worldwide. More than 900 applications have been received within two months.

After the final selection process, our school has received more than 900 applicants. China has admitted 579 international students from 22 countries in the online learning program.

Among them, 300 people received the "2021 International Chinese Teacher Scholarship" funded by the Chinese-foreign Language Exchange and Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Education, and our school ranks first in the number of universities in the country.


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