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Nankai News Network (correspondent Mo Dong Wang Bihan) At the beginning of the new year, Vientiane is updated. February 11 is the Chinese Lunar New Year’s Eve. On the occasion of New Year’s Day, the School of International Education of our school launched a Spring Festival condolences activity to international students.

School Party Secretary Xing Lifang, School Dean Wang Lixin, and other leaders and faculty representatives went to the international student dormitories on the Balitai campus and the Jinnan campus to visit nearly a hundred international students who were on campus during the Chinese New Year.

They sent New Year gifts and Spring Festival blessings to the students. Dean Professor Wang Lixin said that the Spring Festival is the most important holiday among traditional Chinese festivals.

I hope that students will experience the fun of "Chinese New Year" and feel the traditional festival atmosphere during the festival. At the same time, he urges students to protect against the epidemic and strengthen their health during the winter vacation. management.

Finally, the students and the teachers took a group photo in front of the dormitory. On behalf of the college, Xing Lifang, the secretary of the party committee, extended New Year’s greetings to the students, wishing everyone a happy Chinese New Year, and wishing the students success in the new year.

The international students who received the Spring Festival condolences expressed their gratitude to the teachers, and at the same time published texts and edited videos on the new media platform to express their joy.

Mary, a medical student from Kenya, said that the care and love of the teachers made her feel that she was in a big family. In this home, the teachers care not only about their studies but also their lives, which made her feel When I arrived at the school, I took care and attention and felt the warmth of Chinese traditional New Year.

Li Zhiying, an international student from the Institute of Chinese Language and Culture, who has just returned from South Korea, said that thanks to the support and help of the teachers, she was able to return to school smoothly, and now she has received New Year gifts prepared by the teachers, which made her feel very honored to come to Nankai University.

Yuya, an international student from the Pakistani College of Pharmacy, recorded a short video and added a text in the circle of friends to thank Nankai University and the School of International Education for preparing New Year gifts and sending New Year greetings.

The Spring Festival of 2021 is very special, and the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic cannot be relaxed. There are nearly 100 international students from 33 countries who choose to stay in the school for the New Year.

In order for international students to experience the warmth of the holiday in a foreign land, the School of International Education of our school has prepared activities such as New Year condolences, so that students can experience traditional Chinese culture during the festival and feel the care and blessings of the school.


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