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Ningxia University's "Challenge Cup" provincial competition achieves another good




From May 14th to 16th, the final of the 17th Zhejiang Province "Challenge Cup" college students' extracurricular academic science and technology works competition was held at Zhejiang Normal University. After fierce competition, Ningbo University won 4 special prizes (a total of 30 in the province), 9 first prizes, 12-second prizes, and 10 third prizes. The number of special prizes tied for second in the province, Ningbo University Together with Zhejiang University and Zhejiang Normal University, they won the Outstanding Contribution Award for this competition (a total of 3 universities in the province).

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party, this competition added a special red event. More than 7,800 works from colleges and universities across the province participated in the competition. The content involved re-walking the red footprint, tracing the red memory, interviewing red characters, and digging read stories. Ningbo University won a total of 2 top ten teams, 5 hundred excellent teams, and won the Outstanding Organization Award for the Red Special Event. Among them, "Inheriting the Spirit of Veterans, Practicing the Mission of the Times-A Model of Inheritance of Veteran Spirits Driven by Practical Service" "Exploration and Achievement" entered the public display of outstanding works and appeared at the award ceremony. Tong Xiaohui, deputy secretary of the school party committee, made a special trip to visit the participating teachers and students. He carefully asked the participating students about their preparation for the competition and encouraged them to exercise and improve themselves through the "Challenge Cup" competition and show the demeanor of Ning University in the competition.

In this competition, the "R&D and green preparation of high-performance graphene heating cloth for severe cold environments" from the School of Physics and Technology, and the "Speed-up and Noise Reduction-Research and Development of a New Micro-Nano Profile Measuring Apparatus" from the School of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics And Application", "High-performance "on-the-move" antenna design for high-speed mobile platform satellite communications" by the School of Information Science and Engineering, and "Based on Non-coding RNA and Epigenetic Pathogenic Mechanism Four projects including the Research on New Technology of Common Cancer Joint Diagnosis won special prizes; The Marxist School's "Never Gone Memories-Rescue and Inheritance with the Oral History of the New Fourth Army in East Zhejiang" and the Maritime College's "Inheriting the Spirit of Veterans," Practicing the Mission of the Times—Exploration and Effectiveness of the Veteran Spirit Inheritance Model Driven by Practical Service" won the Top Ten Team of the Red Special Event.

It is reported that since the start of this competition, a total of 106 colleges and universities and more than 40,000 college students have actively participated in the competition, and 1,633 works have participated in the provincial semi-finals. After the rematch selection, a total of 323 works from 50 colleges and universities were shortlisted for the provincial finals of the main competition.

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