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Held a publicity meeting on the establishment of undergraduate schools and cadres




On the afternoon of May 18, the licensing ceremony of the Undergraduate School of Ningbo University was held. Zhu Da, secretary of the school’s party committee, awarded the plaque to the school of undergraduates. Le Chuanyong, vice president and dean of the school of undergraduates, attended the ceremony. Xu Junwei, a member of the school’s party committee and director of the organization department, presided over the ceremony.

Zhu Da pointed out that the undergraduate college is an important direction for the reform of the first-class undergraduate education organization model. The establishment of the undergraduate college is a decision made based on the actual situation of the school. It aims to deepen the reform of education and teaching and implement "base-based" schooling. Concept to improve the quality of undergraduate talent training in the school.

Zhu Da put forward three requirements for the construction of undergraduate colleges: first, we must strengthen refined management, clarify the margins of responsibilities, and comprehensively improve the quality of teaching and education; second, we must take multiple measures to encourage teachers to actively participate in undergraduate teaching, build a pattern of education for people, and improve education. Joint efforts; Third, we must attach importance to general education and build a talent training system that is deeply integrated and integrated into education and teaching.

Zhu Da emphasized that undergraduate education management institutions should make good use of the baton of education reform, concentrate their efforts, forge ahead, pioneer and innovate, and through the effective operation of the undergraduate school, further straighten out the working mechanism, integrate work resources, and form a higher level. The talent training model promotes students' full-scale adulthood.

Le Chuanyong pointed out that under the new situation, the reform of the higher education management system is imperative. The school should take advantage of the establishment of the undergraduate school to comprehensively sort out the weak links of undergraduate education, and make the education and teaching management more systematic, scientific, and unique. , Bring up highlights, work together to meet challenges, and steadily advance the reform of undergraduate education.

Li Guoping, Executive Dean of the School of Undergraduate Studies, and Deputy Deans Lu Meifen, Zhang Yilian, and Sun Fenna respectively made speeches.

The Academic Affairs Office, the Student Development and Service Office, the Youth League Committee, members of the Yangming College team, and managers above the supervisor attended the ceremony.

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