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Ningbo Municipal Government Scholarship

1. Scholarship amount

2,000 yuan for undergraduate students, 30,000 yuan for master students, 30,000 yuan for doctoral students, and 6,000 yuan for language students


2. Applicable items

Applicable items need to be confirmed with Ningbo University


3. Application conditions

The applicant holds a nationality other than the People’s Republic of China; is physically and mentally healthy; has a friendly attitude towards China; abides by Chinese laws and school regulations


4. Application time

April 1 - July 30


5. Application Process

first step

Meet the admission requirements and be admitted to Ningbo University

Second step

Confirm with the school whether the major can apply for the municipal government scholarship

third step

Pay the current year's tuition

the fourth step

Prepare application documents for Ningbo Municipal Government Scholarship

the fifth step

Send or send the application materials for Ningbo Municipal Government Scholarship to the designated office


6. Application documents

(1) Two copies of "Ningbo Municipal Government Scholarship Application Form"

(2) Two copies of the first page of the passport
(3) Two notarized highest academic certificates and transcripts
(4) Two medical certificates
(5) Two recommendation letters from two professors (teachers) (language students may not provide it)

(6) A copy of tuition and application fee payment

(7) A copy of the admission notice or pre-admission notice


7. Contact

Address: Room 10-302, International Exchange College, No.818 Fenghua Road, Jiangbei District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China Post Code: 315211


Phone: +86-574-87600335; 87609671

Fax: +86-574-87600145

Application website:


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