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Discuss cooperation with alumni KANGLONG chemical company


On May 19th, Lou Xiaoqiang, President and Chief Operating Officer of Kanglong Chemical New Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. founded by outstanding alumni Lou Boliang, and his party came to the school to discuss cooperation. Vice President Yao Jumping, Dean of New Pharmaceutical Technology Research Institute and Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences Zhao Yufen received and negotiated. School Party Secretary Zhu Da and Vice President Le Chuanyong met with Lou Xiaoqiang and his entourage after the fair.

Yao Jumping welcomed Kanglong Chemical’s visit and introduced the school’s personnel training, scientific research, and service to the society. He is full of expectations for the cooperation with Kanglong Chemical and hopes to give full play to the advantages of "discipline + talents" and promote school-enterprise cooperation. New stage.

Lou Xiaoqiang introduced the general situation and development history of Kanglong Chemical. He hopes to explore new cooperation models with Ningbo University, find more points of cooperation in personnel training, scientific research cooperation, etc., and promote the depth of teaching, scientific research, and industrial development through the joint construction of a pharmaceutical cooperation platform Integration, complementary advantages, to achieve a win-win situation.

Zhao Yufen conducted in-depth discussions with the other party on new drug technology, space and aerospace biology, and even world-class drug development and industrial transformation research. The goal is to develop a series of advanced technologies to accelerate the discovery of new drugs and promote drug R&D and innovation in my country.

Afterward, Han Lei introduced the basic situation of the College of Material Science and Technology where the maternal department of Lou Boliang alumni is located, and reported on the undergraduate training of the "Kanglong Chemical Specialty Class". The relevant person in charge of the Alumni Office introduced the basic situation of the cooperation between the two parties in the early stage, and the relevant person in charge of the medical school introduced relevant ideas such as the joint construction of the Kanglong Chemical Co. The two parties discussed the integration points of scientific and technological research and development, and conducted in-depth exchanges and cooperation in areas such as joint application for national engineering laboratories, joint construction of the first phase clinical research center, shared experimental animal center, joint construction of student training bases, and mutual employment of tutors. Explore. Both parties said that they will continue to deepen the connection and docking mechanism in the future, explore multi-level cooperation models, and promote school-enterprise cooperation to produce more fruitful results.

The heads of the Alumni Office, the Department of Science and Technology, the Department of Medicine/Medical School, the College of Materials Science and Technology, and the Institute of New Medicine Technology participated in this symposium.


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