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"Listen to Yuxuan" Cup Invitational Competition opens




On the evening of December 20th, applause and cheers continued in the Zhou Yiqing Gymnasium of Ningbo University. The 31st Four-University Work Exchange Meeting and "Ting Yuxuan" Cup First Overseas Chinese University Basketball Invitational Tournament opened at Ningbo University. Feng Jie, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Ningbo University, attended the opening ceremony and announced the opening of the first Chinese Overseas Chinese University Basketball Invitational Tournament. Mr. Shen Changchun, Chairman of Cixi Aike Pen Co., Ltd., and relevant persons in charge of the School of Physical Education of Huaqiao University, School of Physical Education of Jinan University, and School of Physical Education of Ningbo University attended the opening ceremony.

The four teams participating in the competition are the host Ningbo University, Huaqiao University, SHANTOU UNIVERSITY, and Jinan University. It is reported that the working exchange mechanism of the four overseas Chinese schools has been around for a long time, but it is the first time for high-level basketball teams to gather together. In recent years, the popularity and competitive level of the CUBA league has become higher and higher, and the importance of the participating universities to the league has also been increasing year after year. This invitational tournament came into being. At that time, the 4 teams will have a single round-robin match and finally be ranked in descending order of points.

The competition lasts for 3 days and there are 6 games in total. Although the scale of the event is small, it also brings together a lot of good players such as Luan Licheng, Xiang Tenghua, He Jie, Wang Xuan, Tang Bufan, Chen Rongquan, Zhou Qimo, etc. It can be said to be full of highlights. An important warm-up before the start of the 23rd CUBA Southeast Division Regional Competition.

After the opening ceremony, the opening game was launched between the host Ningbo University and Shantou University. More than a thousand spectators came to the scene to cheer for the players of both sides. The players of the two teams also lived up to expectations. You come and I will contribute to the audience present and watching the webcast. A wonderful duel. In the end, the Ningbo University team won the opening game.

The holding of this competition will greatly stimulate students' sports enthusiasm while the teams exchange skills and experience, and will effectively promote the exchange of sports culture in overseas Chinese colleges and universities, and cultivate more new basketball players and enthusiasts.


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