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Energy-saving conference held in NCHU


Our school holds the energy conservation work conference in the first half of 2021



Principal Luo Shenglian attended the meeting and delivered a speech



Vice President Xiong Zhenyu presided over the meeting


On April 30, the school’s energy-saving work leading group meeting and energy-saving administrators meeting for the first half of 2021 was held in the second lecture hall of the Yifu Building. Principal Luo Shenglian attended the meeting and delivered a speech, and Vice-Principal Xiong Zhenyu presided over the meeting.


The meeting reviewed and summarized the energy-saving work in 2020. In 2020, the school’s party committee and administration attach great importance to the construction of a green campus, and the school’s energy conservation work has achieved remarkable results, with frequent highlights; teachers and students’ awareness of energy conservation have continued to increase, and school water and electricity expenditures have been reduced for three consecutive years; the establishment of an energy consumption platform has improved the school’s water and electricity management With the level of intelligence, the extensive use of air-conditioning in offices and public areas has been effectively controlled; the highlights of water-saving work are highlighted. The application of big data technology in school water-saving work has promoted a continuous decline in the total water consumption of schools for three years, which has not only brought considerable benefits to schools Economic benefits have also produced significant social effects. At the end of December 2020, Nanchang Hangkong University was rated as a “water-saving university” among universities in Jiangxi Province, and it is currently the only comprehensive university in Jiangxi Province to be awarded “For schools with the honorary title of “Leader in Water Efficiency in Colleges and Universities”, the Education Department issued a document requesting colleges and universities across the province to promote the “China Southern Airlines Experience”.


The meeting also explained the application and use of the energy consumption platform, arranged the 2020 internal energy-saving assessment work, announced the energy-saving work arrangements and plans for 2021, and the work arrangements for applying for the "National University Water Efficiency Leader" in 2022.


Xiong Zhenyu requires all departments of the school to combine party history study and education, implement the concept of ecological civilization construction, improve the school and various departments' energy-saving management measures, enhance teachers and students' awareness of energy conservation, implement refined energy management, and actively promote the construction of green campuses.


In his concluding speech, Luo Shenglian emphasized that all teachers and students of the school should promote the school's energy conservation work from the perspective of political position, safeguarding national interests and safety to the height of advancing simultaneously with environmental protection and a community of shared future for mankind; the school infrastructure and the community of shared future should be further improved. Control the level of equipment, make good use of intelligent supervision facilities, and continue to expand the use of space, combined with the construction of smart campuses to improve the school's green campus construction level, strive to be the first in the province, and successfully apply for the "national university water efficiency leader" in 2022.

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