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Lecture by Professor Huang Jianfeng



On the morning of May 6, 2021, at the invitation of the School of Environmental Chemistry, Professor Huang Jianfeng of Chongqing University gave an academic report entitled "Energy-related Optics and Catalytic Nanocrystal Design" in the Q204 conference room. The report was hosted by Professor Liu Xiaoming of the School of Environmental Chemistry, and some teachers, graduate students, and undergraduates listened carefully to the report.


At the report meeting, Professor Huang Jianfeng described how to design and synthesize "black body" optical absorption nanocrystals and precious metals from three aspects: "how to effectively capture and utilize solar energy, develop high-efficiency photoelectric catalysts, and reaction mechanisms" on the subject of "storing solar energy to chemical bonds" Aggregate nanocrystals, and their application prospects in solar seawater desalination, solar cells, single high-frequency light sources, and carbon dioxide fixation. The explanation process was lively and interesting, easy to understand, and was highly praised by the teachers and students present.


The atmosphere of the report meeting was enthusiastic. Professor Huang Jianfeng conducted in-depth discussions and patiently answered the questions raised by teachers and students. This report has benefited the teachers and students attending the meeting a lot.

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