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Peacock Garden officially opened

Tour the mountains, see the peacocks and watch the swans


School Vice Principal Xiong Zhenyu and heads of related departments attended the opening ceremony



Twelve peacocks of different colors settled in the Peacock Garden



Eight elegant black swans settled in the Swan Garden


In the early summer, on the side of the road in the back mountains shaded by green trees, an exquisite wooden building came into view. Twelve peacocks of various shapes were pacing leisurely back and forth. In the lake not far away, eight elegant black swans stretched their long neck and played freely in the sun, attracting teachers and students passing by to stop and admire it.


On the morning of May 8, Vice President Xiong Zhenyu and the heads of the Propaganda Department, Finance Department, and Logistics Department jointly unveiled the Swan Garden and Peacock Garden at the back of the school, marking the official opening of the Swan Garden and Peacock Garden of our school, and welcoming all the teachers and students of the school. Tour, watch.


Xiong Zhenyu said that over the years, the school has been striving to build a civilized and ecological campus, benefiting teachers and students by optimizing the beautifying environment; he hopes that with the joint care of all teachers and students, the Peacock Garden will become the new name card of Nanchang Hangkong University and jointly build a harmonious and beautiful campus.


It is reported that the establishment of the school’s Peacock Garden is aimed at actively responding to the proposal of the Provincial Department of Education that colleges and universities with conditions can adopt relevant wild animals. The Peacock Garden started construction in December 2020, with a total investment of about 260,000 yuan. The park covers an area of about 2 acres. The newly built Peacock Garden includes the peacock garden, swan lake, swan room, incubation room, lake landscape belt, and viewing platform. The swan room covers an area of 110 square meters and is divided into two floors. The landscape belt around the lake is more than 500 meters. There are more than 200 plants and more than 300 flowers. Four pairs of black swans, two pairs each of blue peacock, flower peacock, and white peacock were adopted in the park.


In the future, the Peacock Garden will link up breeding, incubation, and breeding. While continuously expanding the number of cherished birds, it can also gift the breeding animals to brother colleges in need.

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