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Jiangxi Provincial Government Scholarship

The Jiangxi Provincial Government established the Jiangxi Provincial Government Scholarship for International Students to attract more outstanding international students to study at the school, increase the number of international students in Jiangxi Province, and enhance Jiangxi's international reputation. The number of scholarships has been distributed to every qualified university including Nanchang Hangkong University.


1. Scholarship category:

There are three types of scholarships: Type A scholarship, each winner is 25,000 yuan, used to fund international students to study for doctoral and master's degrees; Type B scholarship, 20,000 RMB per student, used to fund international students’ undergraduate "degree and C-type scholarships", 6000 yuan, used to subsidize visiting scholars or other foreign students who will study or are studying at the university for at least one and a half years. This year our school only provided 23 B scholarships, but our school left 2 A scholarships last year Category scholarship, and one category C scholarship.

Last year, there were two additional zero A scholarships left, for a total of two.

23 B scholarships plus zero remaining last year, a total of 23

Zero C-type scholarship plus 1 remaining last year, a total of 1


2. Use of Scholarship

According to the regulations of Jiangxi Provincial Government Scholarship for International Students, the school decided:


1) Type-A scholarship

This category A scholarship is our school's commitment to providing the top two graduates of our school to study for a master's degree in the second year.


2) Type-B scholarship

According to the Dean’s Meeting,

A. Type B scholarships will support self-financed students studying for a master's degree in our school.

B. Type B scholarships will also support self-financed freshmen to study computer science and engineering, civil engineering, and students who have started studying these two majors last semester but did not receive the Type B provincial government scholarship.

C. Type B scholarships will also support self-financed freshmen who are not originally majoring in computer science or civil engineering but want to change their major to computer science or civil engineering.


3) Type-C scholarship

This Type C only supports students who are studying Chinese this semester.

The prerequisite for applying for the Jiangxi Provincial Government Scholarship is that whether it is a computer science, civil engineering, or master's degree student, all the fees for the first year must be paid. She is not eligible to apply for and receive this government scholarship.

The deadline for applications for provincial government scholarships is December 5.


3. Application and documents:

After you are selected as the winner, you must

1). Fill in the Jiangxi Provincial Government Scholarship Application Form. You can obtain this form from the International Student Office.

2). Provide a copy of your passport

3). Provide a copy of your health check

4). Write a study plan in China

5). Provide notarized high school graduation certificate or copy of graduation certificate and notarized transcript

Applicants must submit all these documents to the International Student Office by December 10th


4. Use of Scholarship

The scholarship money will be deposited into the winner's bank card, and students will be used to pay for tuition, accommodation, basic textbooks, internship fees; and to purchase comprehensive medical insurance and protection plans, as well as living expenses. If it is found that the winner used the prize money for illegal acts or wasted money to go to bars or drink alcohol, the scholarship will be confiscated. For the recipients of the A or B scholarships, they must deposit the scholarship funds into the university account when they receive the money to cover all the expenses needed to continue their studies.


5. Selection and publication

The school will form a review team to review all applications in an open, fair, and transparent manner, and announce the final winners on the bulletin board and accept public supervision. After that, we will not hesitate to submit the list of scholarship students to the Provincial Department of Education for final approval.


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