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NCHU held the "road to the park" activity





To implement the spirit of the instructions of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government on the work of graduates in Jiangxi, further strengthen the contact and cooperation with various cities in the province, especially with the park, deepen the cooperation between government, school and enterprise, expand the employment market in the province, and continuously improve graduation The ability of students to serve the local economic and social development. Recently, the School Admissions and Employment Management Office organized relevant college leaders and employment cadres to visit Ganzhou Economic Development Zone, Nanchang High-tech Zone, and Ganjiang New District Airport Economic Zone-related enterprises and institutions.


The school visited Jiangxi Datian Precision Technology Co., Ltd., Ganzhou Tongxingda Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Ganzhou Fuerte Electronics Co., Ltd. and Ganzhou Jinxinnuo Cable Technology Co., Ltd. during the visit to Ganzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone; visited Nanchang High-tech Co., Ltd. During the district, I visited Hixih Electronic Technology, OFILM Technology Group, North Lianchuang Communication Co., Ltd. and Jiangxi Copper Co., Ltd.; I visited Jiangxi Airport Group when visiting the Ganjiang New Area Airport Economic Zone. During the period, the school held discussions with representatives of some enterprises in the Ganzhou Economic Development Zone, the human resources department of Jiangxi Copper Co., Ltd., and some outstanding alumni representatives, and relevant personnel of the human resources department of Jiangxi Airport Group.


Through this visit, the school and the visiting enterprises in the park conducted in-depth exchanges on school-enterprise cooperation, student employment, and inviting alumni to give special lectures. The relevant staff of Ganzhou Economic Development Zone and High-tech Development Zone expressed that they will organize a delegation to participate in the special recruitment fair for 2021 graduates in Jiangxi to be employed by our school on May 13.


To further build an employment platform for staying in Jiangxi and establish a closer school-enterprise interactive exchange mechanism, the school will continue to visit relevant companies in the park to understand industry trends, open up the job market, create internship and employment bases, improve students’ employment competitiveness, and provide more opportunities for students. Broad employment space.

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