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School Profile

Nanchang Hangkong University is a multidisciplinary university with a focus on engineering and coordinated development of disciplines such as engineering, science, art, management, economics, law, and education. The school has always adhered to the school philosophy of "education-oriented, quality-based school, talented school, open and prosperous, and characteristic development", solidly promotes connotation construction, and steadily improves teaching quality. It is an excellent university in the evaluation of undergraduate teaching level by the Ministry of Education.


1. School history

Nanchang Hangkong University was founded in 1952 and is the first batch of units with the right to grant bachelor's degrees in the country. In 1985, he began to train graduate students for a master's degree and was granted the right to confer a master's degree in 1990. Subordinate to the Ministry of Aviation Industry, the Ministry of Aerospace Industry, and the China Aviation Industry Corporation successively. In 1999, it began to implement a management system that was jointly built by the central and local governments and managed by local governments. It is a joint venture between the People’s Government of Jiangxi Province and the National Defense Technology and Industry Administration. Colleges and universities built.


2. School characteristics

The school adheres to the school motto of "Innovation, self-improvement, knowledge and action", the school spirit of "Diligent, civilized, truth-seeking, and innovation" and the Changhong spirit of "Unity, self-improvement, and hard work". The service orientation of "National Defense" is oriented to the needs of the aviation and national defense, and actively serves the national aviation industry and the local economic and social development of Jiangxi. It has 27 aviation, national defense, and related majors, accounting for 39.7% of all majors in the school, and possesses aircraft design and engineering, Aircraft power engineering, aircraft manufacturing engineering, flight technology, aviation service art and management, and other aviation characteristic majors. At present, the school has initially established an undergraduate university with obvious engineering advantages and distinctive aviation characteristics.


3. School conditions

The school is located in Nanchang, a city of heroes that is "treasures of wealth and great talents". The campus has a beautiful environment, with 3 campuses including the Qianhu campus, the Shanghai Road campus, and the Gongqingcheng campus, covering an area of more than 3,500 acres. The school building area is 1.02 million square meters. It has more than 42,000 sets of teaching and scientific research equipment, with a total value of about 540 million yuan. There are 2,158,200 paper books and materials, 380 Chinese and foreign periodicals, nearly 50,000 electronic journals, 237,000 in total, 3,481,400 e-books, and 47 Chinese and foreign digital resource databases.


4. Institutional settings

The school has School of Materials Science and Engineering, School of Environmental and Chemical Engineering, School of Aeronautical Manufacturing Engineering, School of Information Engineering, School of Foreign Languages, School of Aircraft Engineering (School of Aero Engines), School of Mathematics and Information Science, School of Testing and Optoelectronic Engineering, Economic Management There are 17 professional colleges, including colleges, sports colleges, civil engineering colleges, art and design colleges, Marxist colleges, grammar colleges, aviation services, and music colleges, software colleges, general aviation colleges (civil aviation colleges), including international education colleges and continuing education colleges, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practice College and other three management colleges, and an independent college of science and technology. The school has a "Jiangxi Province Testing Technology and Control Engineering Research Center" post-doctoral research station, a "Jiangxi Province Aviation Material Engineering Technology Research Center" post-doctoral innovation practice base, 1 national engineering laboratory, 1 national engineering research center, and 30 Provincial (ministerial) key laboratories (research centers) and provincial key bases. It has 2 national experimental teaching demonstration centers and 9 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers.


5. Subjects

It has 17 first-level disciplines for master's degree authorization and 11 master's degree authorization points. It has three first-class disciplines in Jiangxi Province, environmental science and engineering, aerospace science and technology, and instrument science and technology, and five national defense disciplines. There are currently 68 undergraduate majors. Among them, 6 national-level first-class majors, 5 national-level characteristic majors, 1 national-level comprehensive reform pilot major, 20 Jiangxi Province first-class majors, 8 provincial-level characteristic majors, and 6 provincial-level comprehensive reform pilot majors. 1 national new engineering research and practice project. The school was selected as the second batch of universities for the implementation of the Ministry of Education's outstanding engineer education and training program and was approved for 6 pilot majors of the national-level outstanding engineer education and training program, and 6 pilot majors of the outstanding engineer education and training program of Jiangxi Province. The school's materials science, engineering, chemistry, and other three disciplines have entered the top 1% of ESI's global discipline rankings, and have entered the ranks of international high-level disciplines.


6. Talent training

The school has the qualification to recommend outstanding undergraduate graduates to study for master's degrees without examination. Co-training doctoral students with Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials, Hunan University, Nanjing University of Aeronautics, and Astronautics, Beijing Normal University, and other universities and research institutes. The school has 1 national teaching team, 1 national quality course, 1 national bilingual teaching demonstration course, and 3 national first-class courses; won 5 national teaching achievement awards, 8 national planning textbooks, and provincial teaching 91 achievement awards, 40 provincial (ministerial) level excellent textbooks. It has 3 national engineering practice education centers jointly built by schools and enterprises. Won 2 national-level new engineering research and practice projects, and 83 industry-university cooperative education projects of the Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education. There are 254 off-campus practice (internship) bases, of which the Engineering Practice Education Center jointly declared with China Southern Aviation Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. has been approved as a national off-campus practice education base for college students.


The ability of students to innovate in science and technology continues to increase. In the past five years, our students have won more than 4,500 scientific and technological competition awards at or above the provincial and ministerial level, accepted 651 patents, 359 authorized, published more than 1,000 papers, and won the "National and Provincial College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program". 195 items. Ranked 92nd in the country in the 2015-2019 China University Innovative Talent Training and National University Competition Evaluation Results (Undergraduate Group), ranking second among universities in the province; of which, 2018 and 2019 have been evaluated in the National University Discipline Competition for two consecutive years Results in The undergraduate group ranked top 80 in the country. Won the first prize of the "Challenge Cup" National University Students Extracurricular Academic Technology Competition, the Silver Award of the "Internet +" University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, the Finals of the China International Aircraft Design Challenge, and the first prize of the National Aerospace Model Championship in scientific research, national college students First prize of the National Optoelectronic Design Competition, National University Student Robotics Competition RomoMaster National Championship, National University Student Mathematical Modeling Competition First Prize, "Siemens Cup" China Intelligent Manufacturing Challenge Grand Prize, ACM International College Student Program Design The first prize of the competition, the first prize of the China Education Robot Competition, the first prize of the National University Student E-commerce "Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship" Challenge and other honors. The "Tiangong Enlightenment" project won the "Youth Red Dream Building Journey" Practice Activity Award for Outstanding Creativity; the university student science and technology innovation team "Environmental Photocatalysis and Resource Recycling Team" was awarded the title of "Xiaoping Technology Innovation Team"; the university student innovation and entrepreneurship base was approved The second batch of public entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration bases in Jiangxi Province, and was identified as the national "college student KAB entrepreneurship education base". A group of young innovation and entrepreneurial advanced models such as "National University Student Entrepreneur Hero" Zhu Dingliang, "Twelfth China Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award" Wang Luming, and the first "University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Model" David in Jiangxi University have emerged.


7. Scientific research

In recent years, he has won the 1-second prize of the National Technology Invention Award, 1 National Science and Technology Progress Award (participation), 1 Science and Technology Innovation Award of the He Langhe Li Foundation, 1 National Innovation Award, and more than 20 provincial and ministerial social science achievement awards There are more than 80 provincial and ministerial-level scientific and technological achievements awards. He has published more than 5000 papers in academic journals at home and abroad, published more than 180 treatises, and 642 textbooks. Approved for more than 250 projects including the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Outstanding Youth Fund, the National Excellent Youth Fund, the National Natural Science Foundation of other categories, and the National Key Research and Development Program, one major project of the National Social Science Foundation and other national social science projects Nearly 20 items. It has undertaken more than 800 provincial and ministerial-level scientific research projects such as major scientific and technological projects in Jiangxi Province, major social science bidding projects in Jiangxi Province, and industry science and technology projects.


8. Faculty

The school has nearly 2,100 faculty members, including nearly 1,600 full-time teachers; teachers with doctoral and master's degrees account for 92% of the total number of full-time teachers; there are dual-time dual-employed academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and 7 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering; there are National Outstanding Young Scientists 42 person-times of national-level talents including fund winners, winners of the National Excellent Youth Science Fund, National Hundred and Thousand Talents Project, Chinese Academy of Sciences "Hundred Talents Program"; young and middle-aged science and technology innovation leaders of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and "New Century Excellent Talents Supported by the Ministry of Education" "Project", "Double Thousand Plan" talents in Jiangxi Province, "Ganpo Talent 555 Project" in Jiangxi Province, "Jinggang Scholars" Distinguished Professor, "Young Jinggang Scholars Award Program", Jiangxi Province's Hundred and Thousand Talents Project There are 334 provincial and ministerial-level talents including major academic and subject leaders, Jiangxi cultural masters and other provincial and ministerial talents.


9. Admissions and Employment

The school recruits students from 29 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions across the country. Except for the provinces with comprehensive reform of the college entrance examination (Beijing, Shanghai, and other fourteen provinces), most of them are enrolled in one batch. There are currently more than 23,000 full-time students, including 2 undergraduates. There are more than 10,000 people and more than 2,800 graduate students. Since the establishment of the school, more than 160,000 graduates of various types have been trained. The school has established long-term cooperative relationships with enterprises and institutions such as aviation, aviation development, commercial aviation, aerospace, civil aviation, and general aviation, and nearly 30 local government human resources departments. Every year, more than 30% of graduates serve national defense military-industrial enterprises and institutions, and major civil aviation, general aviation, and commercial aviation companies. The school has successively won honors such as "Advanced Collective for Employment of Ordinary College Graduates" and "Excellent Level of Employment Evaluation for Ordinary College Graduates" in Jiangxi Province.


10. International cooperation

The school vigorously promotes international cooperation and exchanges, and has established stable inter-university cooperative relations with more than 70 universities in 20 countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Ukraine; and co-organizes undergraduate-level Chinese and foreign universities with universities in the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, and Ireland In the cooperative school project, the number of students currently enrolled in the school at home and abroad has exceeded 1,600. The school is a "Chinese Government Scholarship" training institution for foreign students in China. It offers 4 undergraduate majors taught in English, including aviation engineering (including aviation maintenance), business administration, civil engineering, and computer technology, and multiple graduate-level majors taught in English and Chinese. In recent years, the school has continuously optimized the structure of foreign student training, improved the quality of foreign student training, realized the development of international students from undergraduate education, master training, and doctoral joint training, and promoted the school’s "double first-class" construction and internationalization. The school has more than 300 foreign students of various types. , Successively won the honorary title of Jiangxi Province and the National Advanced Collective Studying in China.


Our school actively carries out student exchanges abroad (overseas), with an average of more than 300 overseas exchange students per year, of which more than 100 are sent abroad by public officials, and have successively been approved by the state to send "Professional Talent Training Program to Ukraine" and "Excellent Undergraduate Exchange Program". National Construction of High-level Public Postgraduate Programs, "Professional Talent Training Program in Russia and Belarus", "Promoting International Cooperation Training Project with Russia and Belarus," and "Scholarship Exchange Program with the Hungarian Government" and other overseas study funding projects. The number and scale of the funding are among the top in the province.


11. People's livelihood work

The school pays attention to people's livelihood work, implements the "health project" of faculty and staff, establishes the "student-centered" concept of funding education, strictly implements various national funding policies, and continuously improves the student education funding and assistance system. According to the actual economic situation of students' families, the school carries out all-around, full-time, and full-coverage funding work. Select national scholarships and grants, set up "green channels", assist in granting student loans to students, handle student enlistment subsidies, set up work-study positions, issue temporary hardship subsidies, caring people and companies set up nearly 20 various social scholarships and grants. In addition, the school offers outstanding freshmen scholarships, graduate freshmen scholarships, outstanding student scholarships, innovation and entrepreneurship practice scholarships, and quality development scholarships. Form a developmental funding system of “four in one” of state funding, school awards, social donations, and student self-help, and build a long-term mechanism for effective integration of material assistance, moral infiltration, ability expansion, and spiritual incentives to form a “poverty relief, education, and A virtuous circle of success and feedback. Nearly 20 social scholarships and grants have been set up by caring individuals and companies. In 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2019, the school won the title of “Excellent Unit of Communist Youth League Work of the Province” 4 times, and successively won the title of “May 4th Red Flag Youth League Committee” and “May 4th Red Flag Youth League Committee” of the whole province. The school student union was awarded the title of “Provincial Youth League Committee”. Five-star Student Union".


12. Social reputation

In 2017, the school was rated as a "National Defense Education School" by the Ministry of Education, and won the Jiangxi Province May 1st Labor Award in 2018; in 2018 and 2019, it was awarded the Jiangxi Province Large-scale Scientific Research Instrument Development and Sharing Advanced Unit for two consecutive years, and it was awarded the "2019-2020" "Annual Advanced Unit for Laboratory and Equipment Management Work", the school has won the National Model Workers' Home, National Advanced Unit for Military Training, National Advanced Unit for Mental Health Education for College Students, Jiangxi Province Civilized Unit, Jiangxi Province Advanced Primary Party Organization, Jiangxi Province Campus Construction of advanced units, Jiangxi Province party building and ideological and political work advanced unit, the province's defense science and technology industry news propaganda work advanced unit, national defense science and technology industry military cultural education base and other honorary titles.

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