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Chinese Government Scholarship

To enhance the mutual understanding and friendship between the Chinese people and the people of other countries, and to develop exchanges and cooperation between China and other countries in the fields of politics, economy, culture, education, economy, and trade, the Chinese government has established scholarships to support outstanding students, teachers, and scholars from all over the world Go to Chinese universities to study or conduct research.


1. Scholarship content

1.1 Full scholarship

1.1.1 Tuition: The tuition is coordinated and used by the school for the cultivation and management of scholarship students, as well as for organizing or supporting scholarship students to carry out cultural and sports activities, visits, partying, etc.;

1.1.2 Accommodation fees: The school provides free dormitories or grants accommodation subsidies.

For students who live on campus, the school provides free dormitories, which in principle are double rooms; with the approval of the school, if students choose off-campus accommodation, the school will issue accommodation fees on a monthly or quarterly basis.

The standard is Undergraduates, postgraduates: 700 yuan/month;

Doctoral students (senior scholars): 1,000 yuan/month.

1.1.3 Living expenses:Undergraduate: 2,500 RMB/month;

Master's degree students and general scholars: 3,000 yuan/month;

Doctoral students and senior scholars: 3,500 yuan/month;

Living expenses are paid by the school every month. Scholarship students who register before the 15th (15th included) of the month will receive a full monthly living allowance;

Those who register after the 15th will receive half a month's living allowance; the living expenses of graduates will be paid half a month after the graduation date determined by the school;

Scholarship students who leave China for more than 15 days during their studies (except for normal holidays), their living expenses will be suspended during their absence from China.

1.1.4 Comprehensive medical insurance:

For insurance content and claims procedures, please refer to "Introduction to Comprehensive Medical Insurance for International Students in China and Guidelines for Claim Settlement".


1.2 Partial scholarship

One or more items in the full scholarship.


2. Selection conditions

2.1 Applicants must have a foreign nationality, hold a foreign passport, be friendly to China, and be in good health;

2.2 Students applying for undergraduate majors must obtain a high school graduation certificate and be under 25 years of age;

2.3 Students applying for a master's program must obtain a bachelor's degree certificate and be under 35 years old;

2.4 Students applying for doctoral programs must obtain a master's degree certificate and be under 40 years old;

2.5 The language of instruction is Chinese. Priority will be given to applicants with HSK level 4 or above. Those who do not meet the required Chinese proficiency must take one-year Chinese tuition at a preparatory college designated by the China Scholarship Council to enter HSK level 4 professional study. The scholarships include Chinese tuition and professional study.


3. Application process

3.1 Application time: generally from January to March every year.

3.2 How to apply:

3.2.1 Log in to the Online Application System for International Students of the China Scholarship Council (, fill in the "Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form" and print two copies of the completed form (color printing). When filling in the online application, please make sure that the institution code is correct (Nanchang University code: 10403).

3.2.2 Mail copies of all required materials together in the order of 1-10 to the School of International Exchange of Nanchang University; applicants who apply through the embassy (consulate-general), the applicant can first contact Nanchang University to obtain the pre-admission notice and send it Attached to the application materials, submit all application materials (including a pre-admission notice) to the Chinese Embassy in the country where the applicant is located.

Note: The application review and admission process for the Chinese Government Scholarship will take several months. During this process, Nanchang University will contact the selected candidates for a telephone interview or request additional application information. The final scholarship list will be determined by the China Scholarship Council; All documents must be in duplicate; submitted materials will not be returned, and overdue materials will no longer be accepted (as of April 30).


4. Application materials

4.1 Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form (filled in Chinese or English): Please make sure to submit it online before printing it;

4.2 The highest degree certificate (copy): Applicants who have not obtained the certificate need to submit the certificate of enrollment (including graduation date) issued by the school; if the certificate is not in Chinese or English, a notarized translation is required;

4.3 Transcript (Chinese or English): If the transcript is not in Chinese or English, a notarized translation is required;

4.4 Study plan or research plan (Chinese or English): 200 words or more for undergraduate students, 500 words or more for advanced students, and 800 words or more for doctoral/master students;

4.5 Two recommendation letters (in Chinese or English): The recommendation letter of the Ph.D/Master candidate must be signed and recommended by the professor or associate professor;

4.6 Works CD (for art students only): students applying for music majors need to provide their own music CDs; students applying for fine arts majors need to provide their own painting CDs, including two sketches, two watercolors, and two other types of works.

4.7 Certificate of a legal guardian in China (only for applicants under the age of 18);

4.8 Foreigner medical examination form (copy) (filled in English, this form is only for applicants who have studied in China for more than 6 months): the physical examination items must include all the inspection items listed in the form. Incomplete forms, unsigned doctors, no official seals of the hospital, or photos of applicants that have been stamped are all considered invalid forms; please arrange the physical examination time carefully, the validity period of the physical examination results is 6 months;

4.9 Nanchang University pre-admission notice;

4.10 A valid Chinese proficiency test score report (if any).


5. Confirmation of quota and scholarship

5.1 The China Scholarship Council will review the qualifications of scholarship candidates recommended by the embassy. Applicants whose materials do not meet the requirements or are incomplete will not be considered.

5.2 Qualified applications will be sent to Nanchang University, but students rejected by the school will not receive scholarships.

5.3 The Management Committee of the China Scholarship Council will review the election results and send the admission materials to overseas institutions before July 31. Each scholarship recipient can only receive one scholarship.

5.4 The foreign institutions will notify the embassy or scholarship recipients of the admission materials (admission notice and JW201 visa application form).

5.5 Scholarship recipients cannot transfer schools unless they give up their scholarship qualifications.

5.6 If the scholarship recipient fails to register at the school on the specified date, the scholarship qualification will be canceled.


6. Contact

International Student Admissions Office, School of International Exchange, Nanchang University

Phone: +86 791 83968702

Mailing address: School of International Exchange, Qianhu Campus, Nanchang University, No.999 Xuefu Avenue, Honggutan New District, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, People's Republic of China

Postal Code: 330031


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