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Hold the 10th EGPC global partners Conference

From April 18th to 20th, the 2021 10th EGPC Global Partners Conference will be held in Nanjing. The Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Consul of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Shanghai, the Education Counselor of the Indonesian Embassy in China, the Chinese Higher Education Association, the China Education International Exchange Association, and other relevant domestic and foreign authorities, as well as the relevant leaders of more than 130 domestic colleges and universities, attended the Opening ceremony. Representatives from nearly 150 universities abroad participated online through the Internet. Lu Kemin, Secretary of the Party Branch of the International Affairs Department of our school, and a group of three people attended the opening ceremony and participated in the meeting.




The conference is divided into two parts: a high-level forum for studying in China and a global partner fair. It aims to build a "big channel" for studying in China and provide partners from Chinese universities, overseas governments and universities, and international educational institutions on a global scale. Provide a platform for two-way exchanges and cooperation. The high-level forum for studying abroad in China mainly focuses on the opportunities and challenges of the development of overseas education in China. Experts from all parties share their experiences on the enrollment, training, and management of international students, and discuss trends in international exchanges and cooperation under the epidemic.




The Global Partner Conference invited 135 domestic colleges and universities and nearly 500 online and offline international cooperation agents to participate in the conference. Our school won the honorary title of "the most popular non-degree Chinese language course college in the self-financed overseas study market". During the conference, the ISSP Global Examination Association authorization letter was signed to lay the foundation for attracting more outstanding international students to study in the school. While the offline venue in Nanjing was held, online overseas branch venues in Hungary, Morocco, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Indonesia, Russia, and other countries were added. The on-site meeting will be conducted in the form of one-to-one talks every 15 minutes. Domestic colleges and international agents will have exchanges and discussions on the cooperation needs of both parties. The meeting also arranged for our school to announce the advantages of our school's study abroad through the Internet, especially with many universities in Mongolia and the University of Debrecen, Hungary, to conduct online discussions on studying in China and jointly running schools.




The three-day EGPC Global Partner Conference has brought more educational resources and enrollment information to our school for foreign students and provided clearer ideas and methodological guidance for the development of our school's study abroad education in China.


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