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2 + 2 international undergraduate program enrollment Guide

1. Introduction

Nanchang University is located in Nanchang City, the capital of Jiangxi Province. The school started from the Jiangxi Public Medical College established in 1921 and the National Chung Cheng University established in 1940. It is a world-class discipline construction university under the national "Double First-Class" plan and the only one in Jiangxi Province. The national " 211 Project" key construction university is a joint university established by the Ministry of Education and Jiangxi Province and is an overall construction university of high-level universities in Jiangxi Province. The school currently has a humanities department, a social science department, a science and engineering department, a science and engineering department, and a medical department. The disciplines are complete and the school foundation is solid. 4 main campus has a staff of more than 300 people, 51 students, more than 000 people. Nanchang University attaches great importance to international education and has established exchanges and cooperative relationships with more than 170 universities and scientific research institutions in more than 40 countries (regions).




2. Project introduction

2.1 Project

To meet the needs of regional economic and social development for talent training, Nanchang University has established a strategic partnership with China Service Center for Study Abroad. Relying on the school’s high-quality domestic and foreign educational resources, it cooperates with many foreign universities to carry out study abroad training programs, namely 2+ The 2+1 multi-country study program for undergraduate and master's degree programs forms an international talent training model that combines domestic and foreign studies with distinctive characteristics. The project is specifically implemented by the School of International Exchange of Nanchang University. The project focuses on teaching quality, standardizes daily management, aims to provide students with high-quality teaching and services, and is committed to cultivating students into high-quality talents with an international perspective, familiar with international rules, and international competitiveness.


Project students study at Nanchang University for 2 years, during which they will systematically study English language proficiency improvement courses and professional basic courses. After meeting the application requirements, they can apply to go to foreign partner institutions to continue their two-year undergraduate courses and one-year master's courses. , Students who complete the required courses of the project and meet the graduation requirements will receive the undergraduate and master's diplomas from the partner universities of the project. After graduation, they will be certified by the overseas diploma certification policy of the Overseas Education Service Center of the Ministry of Education. The master's diploma can enjoy the return of high-level overseas talents. And first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and other preferential policies.


2.2 Foreign partner colleges at the undergraduate stage of the project (continuous update):

➢ University of Northampton, UK

➢ Middlesex University, UK

➢ Teesside University, UK

➢ University of South Wales, UK

➢ University of Chester, UK

➢ University of Bedfordshire, UK

➢ Ruins University of Anglia, UK




2.3 Admissions major:

2.3.1 International Business Management Business

2.3.2 Finance and Banking Investment

2.3.3 Computer Science and Technology

2.3.4 Communication Engineering

2.3.5 International Art Design


2.4 Project course description:

The first and second years (domestic): Full-time study of intensive English courses and professional basic courses at Nanchang University to train students to have a solid English and professional foundation. The credits of professional courses can be exempted from the corresponding course credits of foreign counterparts.

The third and fourth years (overseas): After meeting the admission requirements, you can choose to continue studying at a foreign partner institution. Those who pass the score can get a bachelor's degree from a foreign institution.


2.5 The target of enrollment:

Those who have graduated from high school in 2021 or equivalent.


2.6 Registration requirements:

The total score of the college entrance examination must reach the undergraduate score of the province. Students without college entrance examination scores or previous high school graduates must take the entrance examination organized by this project, and they will be admitted if they pass the scores. English IELTS score above 5.0, priority is given to admission.


2.7 Tuition standard:

Tuition fee: two years in China, 48,000 yuan per person per year

The charging standards of foreign universities: the latest charging standards announced by foreign universities that year shall prevail.

Other related fees are subject to the admission notice.


3. Registration instructions

Registration time: from now until July 30.

Application materials: copy of my ID card, copy of an academic certificate, college entrance examination results, 2 one-inch bareheaded photos.

Entrance test: Students need to pass the unified entrance test organized by the project.

Recruitment Address: Room 101, First Floor, School of International Exchange, Nanchang University, No. 999 Xuefu Avenue, Honggutan New District, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province.

Registration method: phone registration, WeChat registration

Please call or scan the QR code below to register under the guidance of the teacher.

18970820518 (Teacher Ju)

15180177866 (Teacher Yu)

0791-83968022 (office)

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