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He huankui Memorial completed



On April 30, the He Huankui Memorial Hall was completed in Jinxian County. The He Huankui Memorial Hall is located in Hejia Primary School, Hejia Village, Linkou, Sanli Township, Jinxian County. It displays about 200 pieces of cultural relics, medical equipment, books, documents, images, and other materials. The construction of the memorial hall not only remembers and commemorates Mr. He Huankui, but also promotes and inherits excellent culture, enriches the connotation of campus culture construction of rural primary and secondary schools in Jinxian County, and broadens the practice platform for youth patriotism education. Nanchang University participated in the donation of the He Huankui Memorial Hall and used it as a base for school history and education.


He Huankui, born in March 1883, Zi Shikui, Hao Xingcui, Doctor of Medicine, from Hejia Village, Lingkou, Sanli Township, Jinxian County, was the first principal of Jiangxi Public Medical College.

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