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Visa processing

Freshmen must bring their passports, photos, health certificates issued by Jiangxi Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, passports, copies of passports, copies of entry stamps, copies of admission notices, and copies of Form 201 within 30 days after entering the country (for public students)/ A copy of Form 202 (self-funded students) and log in to the temporary residence system to go to the Exit-Entry Administration Office of Nanchang Public Security Bureau to apply for a residence permit and other procedures within 48 hours. The validity period of the residence permit generally corresponds to the study time registered in our school.


(1) Relevant cost reference (subject to the specific handling location fee standard)

1. Physical examination 500 yuan

2. Entry-exit photography 30 yuan

3. The fees for applying for a residence permit are as follows:

Foreigner's residence visa valid for less than one year is 400 yuan/person

Foreigner's residence visa valid for less than one to three years is 800 yuan/person


(2) Precautions

1. Inform the teacher one month before the expiration of the residence permit to apply for an extension.

2. If the residence permit expires, the Public Security Bureau will impose a daily fine of 500 yuan, up to a maximum of 5,000 yuan.

3. All visas and certificates shall not be altered or damaged. Violators will be punished. Foreign passports, residence certificates, and other documents should be kept properly. If they are lost, they must be declared invalid by the regulations, and a new application should be made at the same time.

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