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Apartment Overview


There are international student apartments and teacher training buildings on the campus for international students to live in. The apartments are equipped with public service facilities such as coffee shops and supermarkets. The facilities provided in the rooms include independent toilets and air conditioning. International students can bring their "Admission Notice" and "Check-in Notice" to check in every semester.


For international students who are new to China, in order to ensure the safety of themselves and their property, it is recommended to live in the school’s international student apartment for at least half a year and consider living off-campus after familiarizing themselves with the environment. International students who are willing to live off-campus should register in the International Student Division in time and must go to the police station of the housing jurisdiction to go through the procedures for living outside together with the homeowner. Only after approval can they live off-campus. International students who change their accommodation address must register their new address and contact information in the International Students Office in time. Because the school will often send important notices to international students, we should maintain smooth contact between us.


The international student apartment has single and double rooms with separate toilets. Each floor is equipped with a common kitchen and laundry room. The room provides a water heater, air conditioner, TV, mattress, bed, bedside table, wardrobe, writing desk and chair. The whole building has been covered with a wireless network. There is a reading room in the building for international students to study and communicate daily.


Room type price Whether to accept the reservation
Single room 40 yuan/person/day Yes
Double room 30 yuan/person/day Yes


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