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Confucius Institute at Dong-A University was successfully held



On December 23, the 2020 Board of Directors of the Confucius Institute at Dong-A University in South Korea was held in a video format. The principal of the school Liu Yichun and the principal of Dong-A University Li Haiyu attended the meeting in Changchun and Busan respectively. Wu Yanhong, Director of the International Office of Dong-A University, Wen Zhezhu, Foreign Dean of the Confucius Institute, Di Jirong, Chinese Dean, Zhang Jingping, Director of the School’s International Cooperation and Exchange Office, and related personnel attended. The board of directors is chaired by Wen Zhezhu.


Li Haiyu pointed out that the Confucius Institute at Dong-A University, as one of the earliest Confucius Institutes in Korea, is based on Dong-A University and serves the local people in Busan. It has carried out multi-level Chinese teaching and cultural exchange activities. It was awarded the title of “Advanced Confucius Institute” in 2016. He said that under the leadership and support of the Sino-foreign Language Exchange and Cooperation Center, the International Chinese Language Education Foundation and Northeast Normal University, the Confucius Institute at Dong-A University is willing to make greater contributions to the expansion of Chinese language education in South Korea and the promotion of academic and cultural exchanges between China and South Korea.


On behalf of the school, Liu Yichun congratulated the new principal Li Haiyu. He emphasized that the Confucius Institute at Dong-A University, as the first overseas Confucius Institute in our school, has an important milestone. In recent years, relying on the dominant disciplines of world history, the two universities have successively held two international academic seminars on the "Swiss in Here, Sitting Together", which has a wide impact on the two universities and the academic circles of the two countries. With the strong support of East Asia University, the Confucius Institute has achieved gratifying results in promoting Chinese teaching, organizing special cultural activities and promoting youth exchanges.




Both parties listened to the Confucius Institute’s annual work report and next year's work plan. Liu Yichun pointed out that the smooth development of teaching and cultural activities of the Confucius Institute under the normalization of the epidemic is inseparable from the support of East Asia University and the joint efforts of all the staff of the Confucius Institute. In the future, the two universities will continue to work together to strengthen the construction of Confucius Institutes, adhere to innovative development, and jointly promote the prosperity of education in East Asia.


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