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Chinese Bridge online group joint opening ceremony



On January 4, the joint opening ceremony of the "Chinese Bridge" online group-Chinese Traditional Architecture and Chinese Idiom Story Project, hosted by the Sino-foreign Language Exchange and Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Education and undertaken by Northeast Normal University, was held at Northeast Normal University. More than 100 teachers and students from Mongolia participated in this event in the cloud. Zhang Jingping, Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office, Sun Desheng, Deputy Director, Liu Dan, Deputy Director, Ling Jingyao, Director of the Office of Chinese Language Promotion, Chaogejilemma, Foreign Dean of Mongolian National University of Education, Dong Cheng, Chinese Dean, Mongolia Teacher Ai Jiang of Tao Lite Middle School and project teachers attended the opening ceremony, which was presided over by Ling Jingyao.


In her speech, Zhang Jingping expressed her gratitude to the Sino-foreign Language Exchange and Cooperation Center for their support. On the basis of introducing the historical evolution and subject development of Northeast Normal University, students are encouraged to learn Chinese well and become friendly ambassadors between China and Mongolia in the future. In his speech, Sun Desheng introduced Changchun's unique natural scenery, humanistic environment and our school's study abroad policy, and sincerely invites young Mongolian students to study at Northeast Normal University.






Ai Jiang said in his speech that students can learn Chinese with excellent Chinese teachers and understand the profound Chinese culture without going abroad, which will greatly improve students' Chinese proficiency and enthusiasm for learning Chinese. The student representative Jiabaole said in his speech that the students cherish this learning opportunity very much, and everyone will study hard and look forward to visiting and communicating in China as soon as possible.




The ten-day study included two parts: Chinese traditional architecture and Chinese idiom stories. More than 160 students from Mongolia participated. In order to strengthen and consolidate the language level of students, a basic Chinese review course was added to the basic Chinese learning course. At the same time, according to the age characteristics of the students, interactive courses such as the Imperial Palace of the Puppet Manchurian Palace, the Forbidden City Cloud Tour and the idiom game have been added.


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