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The safe conduct during the epidemic



January 8, International Institute of Education successfully completed undergraduate teaching this semester final exams, so far, the task of teaching this semester college has been all over.


Entering January 2021 , in response to the situation that undergraduate students need to go to school to complete the exams, the International Education Institute established an epidemic safety team to organize the exam to ensure the safety of the exam during the epidemic, to ensure the smooth completion of students' studies and the fairness and reasonableness of the exam . Before the exam, candidates need to provide a nucleic acid test certificate and two temperature measurements before they can enter the exam room; the college also prepares spare masks and disinfection supplies in each exam room, and requires students to wear masks throughout the process and disinfect them at intervals. Before the test, during the test, and after the test, the test room, corridors, and toilets were completely eliminated, and students were organized to split the entrance and exit of the test room in time.




In the next stage, under the unified command of the school's epidemic prevention and control leading group, the college will arrange for international students to leave the school in batches to ensure the safety of students and the orderly development of work in the next semester.


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