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International students visit school history museum



On the morning of April 16th, the International Education Institute " I am from Dongda, I come to the school history " theme event was held. Nearly a hundred international students visited the school history museum under the leadership of all the teachers of the International Education College to learn about the school's long history and cultural heritage, and learn the hard work and pioneering and innovative scientific spirit of the older generation of Dongda.




The international students walked along the historical corridor and listened to the instructor sorting out the historical development of Northeastern University. From time to time, everyone gathered around the narrator to listen to the explanation, and from time to time they scattered to learn more about historical materials that interest them.




The school history museum showcases the spiritual outlook and outstanding achievements of the school in all aspects of construction with pictures and texts, as well as detailed explanations on the school’s humanities, geography, teaching, scientific research, and foreign exchanges. It shows the school's various periods of school management. Achievements and various celebrity deeds have made international students truly experience the extraordinary journey that Northeastern University has gone through in the past 100 years.




The international students expressed that they reviewed the glorious history of Dongda for a century, experienced the profound cultural heritage of Dongda, and experienced the spirit of “ continuous self-improvement, unity of knowledge and action in the inheritance of Dongda’s century-old heritage, which strengthened the students. The love and pride for Dongda inspired the students' feelings of loving and prospering the school.


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