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Jasmin scholarship of Jiangsu Province

1 Overview

In order to further promote the development of education for foreign students in Jiangsu Province, enhance the international appeal of Jiangsu’s higher education, create the brand of "Study in Jiangsu", and build Jiangsu into the main target province for foreigners to study in China, the Jiangsu Provincial Government has decided to establish "Jiangsu Provincial Government Jasmine Scholarship". The scholarship is mainly used to subsidize outstanding foreign students and scholars to receive full-time academic education in Jiangsu colleges and universities, and foreign students who come to Jiangsu colleges and universities for further study and exchange study through the framework agreement of sister provinces and states. For specific application procedures, please visit:


2. Funding criteria

Type: Full scholarship

1) Tuition fee reduction and exemption;

2) Fees for basic teaching materials;

3) Accommodation: Free on-campus accommodation, or a subsidy of 10,000 yuan/year;

4) Basic living expenses: 1500 RMB/month per person;

5) Comprehensive medical insurance for international students in China.


Type: Partial scholarship

Undergraduate/Postgraduate: 30,000 yuan, funding period: 1 academic year;


3. Open professional

All majors of the school (except foreign language majors)


4. Eligibility for application

● Applicants for undergraduate studies must graduate from high school and are generally under 30 years old;

● Applicants for a master's degree must have obtained a bachelor's degree, and are generally under 35 years old;

● Applicants for a doctorate degree must have obtained a master's degree, and the age is generally not more than 40 years old;

● Comply with the laws and regulations of the Chinese government and meet the admission requirements of the applied school;

● Correct learning attitude and good grades;

● Have not received various scholarships from the Chinese government or other organizations


5. Language requirements

Chinese-taught program

HSK level 5 or above

English-taught program

  • From an English-speaking country
  • At least one year of study in an English-speaking country
  • IELTS effective score is not less than 6 points / TOEFL effective score is not less than 70 points


6. Application date

According to the notice on the Jiangsu Provincial Government Jasmine Scholarship website and the notice on the official website of the National Education Institute of Nannong University


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