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Cao Weixing gives a lecture in jinshanbao lecture hall

On the afternoon of March 31, the third lecture of Jin Shanbao Lecture Hall was held at the University Student Activity Center. The honorary director of the National Information Agriculture Engineering Technology Center, the dean of the Smart Agriculture Research Institute of Nanjing Agricultural University, and Professor Cao Weixing from the College of Agriculture were invited to give a report entitled "Research Progress and Academic Insights on Smart Agriculture" for the teachers and students of Jinshanbao Academy. Professor Chen Ligen, secretary of the school’s party committee, Professor Dong Weichun, vice president, relevant heads of the Academic Affairs Office, all students of Jinshanbao College, and some teachers attended the lecture. The lecture was presided over by Professor Zhang Wei, Director of the Academic Affairs Office, and a branch venue was set up on the Pukou campus.


Before the report meeting, the appointment ceremony of the special tutor of Jinshanbao Academy was held, and Chen Ligen issued the appointment letter of Jinshanbao Academy's "Special Tutor" to Professor Cao Weixing.



Starting from the basic characteristics of modern agriculture and the rise, development, and significance of smart agriculture in my country, Cao Weixing introduced the research progress of smart agriculture, including the research ideas and specific applications of smart farming techniques, and gave examples of how to use agronomy and The integration of remote sensing, informatics, systems science, engineering and other disciplines to carry out agricultural growth and agricultural information monitoring, establish agricultural system simulation models, and build a smart farming platform based on big data, and propose smart farming The future development prospects of the work.



Cao Weixing shared the academic insights accumulated over the years with the teachers and students present, and encouraged the college students to have the courage to explore the most cutting-edge and top agricultural science issues in the world, but also to have the feelings of "situation". , Committed to transforming scientific and technological achievements into the welfare of farmers, letting technology land, and making it truly effective. He encouraged the students to strive to become innovative talents who know and love agriculture, and contribute greater wisdom and strength to the realization of my country's agricultural modernization and rural revitalization strategic goals.

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