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Holding intellectual property Innovation Conference

To implement the important instructions of General Secretary Jin Ping on comprehensively strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights, to celebrate the 21st World Intellectual Property Day, on April 26, the Intellectual Property Innovation Conference of Nanjing Agricultural University was held in the conference room on the third floor of Jinling Research of our school. Zhi Suping, Director of Jiangsu Provincial Intellectual Property Office, Hongliu, First Class Inspector, Jiangsu Education Department, Zhu Yu, Director of Intellectual Property Service Division of Jiangsu Intellectual Property Office, Chen Fadi, President of Nanjing Agricultural University, Shen Qirong, Director of Academic Committee, Vice President of Academy of Sciences More than 100 people including the leader Yu Jianfei, scientific research leaders in charge of each college, and representatives of teachers and students attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Chen Li, deputy dean of the Academy of Sciences.



Chen Fadi delivered a speech on behalf of the school. He introduced the overall development of the school and the innovative work and future development plans of our school in intellectual property creation, protection, operation, and management. He pointed out that China is in a critical historical period of an orderly connection between poverty alleviation and rural revitalization. As a pioneer of higher agricultural education in modern China, Nanjing Agricultural University will courageously assume the new mission of the times and be in the provincial Intellectual Property Office and the Education Department. Under the guidance of the competent authority, based on the new development stage, further focus on the frontiers of world science and technology and major national strategic needs, fully implement the strategy of strengthening schools with intellectual property rights, further improve the entire chain of intellectual property management systems and mechanisms, improve patent quality, promote the transformation of results, and build knowledge New pattern of high-quality development of property rights.



On behalf of the Provincial Department of Education, Hongliu congratulated the convening of this conference. He reviewed the main progress made in the intellectual property work of universities in our province and affirmed Nanjing Agricultural University’s important contributions to promoting the development of agricultural science and education in my country and serving the local and regional economy. He hoped that our school could further deepen the reform of the intellectual property work system, Strengthen the top-level design, strengthen the protection of the entire chain of intellectual property rights, and maintain national security in the field of intellectual property rights. He said that it is necessary to integrate scientific and technological self-reliance throughout the entire process of technological innovation, strengthen the strategy of strengthening intellectual property schools, give full play to the leading and leading role of national intellectual property pilot universities, attach importance to the construction of intellectual property talents, effectively improve the quality of the intellectual property, and promote knowledge. Building a strong country with property rights and a leading province with strong intellectual property rights.



Zhi Shuping reviewed the 40 years of development of my country’s intellectual property industry and the important progress made in Jiangsu’s intellectual property work and emphasized that it is necessary to closely focus on the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech, starting from the national strategic height and the requirements of entering a new stage of development, and comprehensively strengthen knowledge Property rights protection work, promote the construction of a modern economic system, stimulate the innovation vitality of the whole society, and promote the construction of a new development pattern. I hope that our school will seize the historical opportunity, vigorously develop high-value patent cultivation, strengthen intellectual property management throughout the innovation process, and strive to produce more high-value patent portfolios with a high level of innovation, stable rights status, and strong market competitiveness. Highlight the performance orientation of patent transformation, vigorously promote the application of patent transformation, and help rural revitalization and the development of modern agriculture. In addition, it is necessary to extensively promote intellectual property knowledge, integrate the awareness of respecting and protecting intellectual property rights into the whole process of talent training, and promote Nanjing Agricultural University to become an important strategic base for intellectual property talent training, scientific research, and strategic consulting in our province.



Based on his years of work experience, Zhu Yu focused on the "opportunities and challenges of intellectual property rights under the new development pattern", and introduced in detail the new requirements of the state and Jiangsu Province for the high-quality development of intellectual property rights from three aspects: new requirements, new situations, and new measures. It analyzed the opportunities and challenges faced by intellectual property work in universities under the current situation and emphasized that scientific research workers in agricultural universities should look internationally, stand firm, strengthen intellectual property awareness, and capture the commanding heights of agriculture.


Professor Shen Qirong took "Patents and Scientific Research" as the topic, combined with his and his team's scientific research experience to share with everyone what scientific research is? The position of patents in scientific research and how to arrange scientific research or patents? Shen Qirong encourages scientific researchers to understand the true meaning of scientific research and adapt to changes, improve their ability to solve national needs and reveal scientific problems, and produce more valuable patents.




Senior patent attorney Fu Tingting gave a lecture on "high-value patent applications", and Xu Qianfang, a senior consultant from WIPO China TISC Center, gave a special report on "Patent Information Tool Retrieval Application-One Patent", systematically introducing patent search and patent analysis dimensions The important role of patent search and analysis platform using skills, patent navigation and layout.




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