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Hold a seminar on talent introduction

On the morning of March 24, the school held a high-level talent introduction symposium at Nanjing Agricultural University in the conference room on the second floor of Jinling Research Institute. President Chen Fadi, Assistant President Wang Yuanchao, Minister of Human Resources, Director Bao Ping, and 29 high-level talents introduced since 2020 attended the symposium. The meeting was hosted by Wang Yuanchao.



Chen Fadi fully affirmed the achievements of the talents in their work, and on behalf of the school, thanked the high-level talents for their advice and suggestions on the development of the school. He pointed out that “strengthening the country with talents and the school with talents” has always been an important strategy of the country, and it is also the foundation of the school. The development of the school basically depends on people, and people are the first resource. The school has attached great importance to the work of talents for a long time. He asked the talent office of the school to sort out the suggestions and opinions put forward by everyone and feed them back to relevant departments promptly. The school will further integrate resources, improve relevant talent service mechanisms, and better serve the talents. Carry out teaching and research work to provide more policy support and logistical support. At the same time, he also put forward hopes and requirements to everyone from the three aspects of how to better "integrate", "cooperation" and "drive" young talents. He hopes that young talents can better integrate into schools and disciplines, give full play to the sense of ownership, and actively promote Cross-cooperation inside and outside the school, at home and abroad, introduces new ideas, new technologies, and experiences into the school, thereby driving the better development of various disciplines. The rapid development of the school is inseparable from the dedication of all southern farmers. Problems such as the shortage of school space will be solved to a greater extent with the completion of the Jiangbei new campus, and the school will enter a new period of rapid development. He hopes that all young talents will unite and cooperate with the school's goal of building a world-class university with agricultural characteristics, contribute wisdom and strength to the development of the school, and jointly create the new glory of Nanning.



Bao Ping introduced the latest talent policies of the country, Jiangsu Province, and the school to high-level talents. He pointed out that under the current changes in the world structure, the country needs talents more urgently than ever before. He proposed that young talents should respond to the call of the country and actively serve the national strategy. At the same time, they should also actively pay attention to and apply for various types of talent projects at all levels. Bao Ping also hopes that everyone will broadly publicize and promote the school’s May Talent Carnival through their own channels, to help the school more accurately introduce outstanding young talents and make contributions.


Each high-level talent shared his own growth experience, gains, and insights in teaching and scientific research, introduced the current work progress and plans,d mentioned some confusions and difficulties encountered in the work at present. They also actively advise the school on the reform of the school's personnel system, the construction of new campuses, postgraduate training, interdisciplinary, and internationalization. Chen Fadi, Wang Yuanchao, and Bao Ping responded to and answered the questions and suggestions raised by each talent one by one. All talents expressed that the holding of the “face to face with the principal” event fully reflects the school’s cherishing and loving talents, and expressed that they will make full use of the excellent platform provided by the school to closely link personal development with the development of the school, and contribute to the peace of the country. Make the greatest efforts for the development of the school's career.


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